Monday Night Pasar Malam SS2

Always go to SS2's Pasar Malam Monday night. Always!

Despite the really long jam (usually around the roundabout only), the Pasar Malam in SS2, is wicked. From house decors, to food, to shoes, to wet markets, to plants and every other random things in the world, it has so much to offer there! Being stucked in the jam for atleast 20minutes is most of the time inevitable however you can still opt another way which is from SS3/ Kelana Jaya. This is where we help you - park around the housing area/ behind the lorong which is opposite the Bus Stop or Poh Kong. In this case, you can escape the Pasar Malam jam, have a walk(especially after you eat) for less than 5 minutes, and parking is easy breezy!

Two thumbs up, for all the chinese delicacies there - some of which I realised, only can be found in SS2 actually. Especially enjoy the really cheap prices like for instance this Siew Mai which I bought for RM2.20, for 8 pieces! And they're not small either! Sweets eventually decided to buy 45 pieces, which costed about RM13 only! Chill guys, they're frozen Siew Mais, we didn't eat 45 pieces then and there :)

I remember eating this particular kuih as a kid, and I used to call it 'Kuih Bulan', because of it's shape. This is also highly recommended from me, especially when it's fresh from oven! This kuih reminds me so much of home - and sekolah rendah! Always, always eat it while its hot!

This is the Veggies corner, quite frankly I don't know what they're called. Some of it has shrimps inside, while some has seaweeds and most people usually eat one box per serving. I'm not really a fan of this particular type, but for Veggie lovers - I think you can give this a try! :) Oh, I would love to try the white balls at far left of this picture, looks good!

Remember playing these pops back when you're a kid? This box contains small white balls (covered in a thin cloth that has mercun inside). I remember only being able to play with it on certain occasions like birthdays, new year's celebration and even christmas! *grins* How we use to throw it, directed to our cousins or friends? Good golly, I don't think I'm half as daredevil as I was back when I was a kid! These things scare the balls out of me now!

I told you they sell plants too!

Anyway, give SS2 Monday Nights Pasar Malam a visit when you're free. Expect to walk a lot to scout for good food, and always remember to buy it in small portions so that you won't be full by the time you go for the actual dinner at the Food Court Area!

Here are the list of my favourite things for you to try in SS2;
1. Lo Han Guo Drinks (you can have a drink at the stall, or just buy a cup!)
2. Chee Cheong Fun (with prawns & char siew)
3. Duck Rice (Sweetheart's All Time Favourite)
4. Char Kuey Teow
5. Ikan Bakar

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie


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