I finally set up an online platform for me to sell off my second hand items. Sweetheart will be helping me with it until May this year where everything I need to sell off must be gone from this room by then. I don't think it's easy to encourage people to buy from a second hand online store - for obvious reasons; trust & used. But worry not, minor requests such as wrapping & washing can be done!

The main reason I need to clear up before May is because I'm leaving for Australia in July, and the house I'm currently staying now is a rented house. Most of the clothes will be donated, other stuffs like books, bags, racks and so many other random things will be put up for sell. Not to mention, some of the stuffs were never even used! It's just like eBay, only all items are mine & WAY cheaper. Of course, earning some money is prioritised as well.

Anyway, remember to check out Jacqkieseconds, and most importantly tell your friends about it, or even link it up. It will only be up until May, and oh!, everything there is less than RM30 inclusive of shipment & C.O.D (Malaysia only). If you really want an easy way out of buying items, you're most welcome there.

And don't worry about rip-offs, I'm only selling the items that are in good condition. You can investigate, interrogate me anytime! :) I feel more at ease if you do so. I know blogshops/ online shops are mushrooming but mine is unique and different because it's more towards house decors, it will only be up 'til May, and it's all good with the wallet.

So see you there, loves!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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