Fried Eggs

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I'm thinking of Cash Converting some of my stuffs here in PJ, or donate them or sell them off online. Since I don't know how to work eBay, neither am I a celebrity where my tissue would cost thousands, I'm thinking of a way to sell it through blog like everyone else in the world does it. Those things include second hand books, home decors, CDs - alot.

I've been to a couple of job interviews this week, all for Events Management. All preferred full-time, nonetheless sweets and I shall get phone calls when needed. Hopefully in a day I get few bucks to keep up. Though I've been doing quite good, by not going out at all this week (which means more money saved, than spent) I need to do better.

Eating fruits for lunches and drinking fruit juices probably isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Now it's all about maintaining that kind of lifestyle, and I should be fine. But that bloody neighbour next to me had to cook some good-smelling curry which made me terribly miss my mum's curries! Good golly! I decided to cook;

Eggs. Fried Eggs. Kesian gila.

I'm also currently looking for big, brown boxes to unpack from Petaling Jaya. I don't know how to bring some of the stuffs home back to KK, and most importantly I don't know how to throw or give away other stuffs which I mentioned about selling it off online. It's so annoying! I'm so stucked. I finally got my payment from posing for PASSIONS that day. Wee! Some fine-dining dinner for me coming up for me and sweeeetheart!

I need to utilize my camera more this year. I have no photos. No new ones :(

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