Critic's Choice Award 2009

I don't know about you guys, but I prefer Critic's Choice Awards over everything else - anyday. I prefer the former because I believe the critics have always eloquently written down their reasons, expressions of movies to the readers. I find reading movie reviews, critics and commentaries easy to relate to and most importantly, makes things easier to expect. Minus the exception that some reviewers can be totally biased of their favourite writers or even directors. Boo them.

Just this year I developed a big crush on watching/reading Critic's Choice Awards (partly because I have absolutely nothing to do at home), so I Youtubed, and Googled this Award to find out whose who - won the Awards. The power couple failed to win anything this year, despite their very commercialized chances of winning both the nominations in Changeling & Benjamin Button.

Digital Mall very the awesome wan oh because the movies I'm looking for were there! Uncensored! with Scenes Selection (well, of course)! Except certain movies, that only people who is mightily obsessed with foreign or artsy movies have strange ideas where to get 'em - of course. Since I only have Google to teach me a thing or two, I too want to know why and what the other end of the world are worshipping.

Critic's Choice introduced me to a few movies which I am dying to watch and learn from, so I shall introduce them to you as well;
1. Slumdog Millionaire (Best Picture, Actor, Composer, Writer, & Director)
2. Milk (Best Actor- Sean Penn)
3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (none)
4. Doubt (Best Actress - Meryl Streep)
5. The Revolutionary Road (none)
6. Rachel Getting Married (Best Actress -Anne Hathaway tie)

I have two in my hand right now, and I so can't wait to watch 'em :) and until the Malaysian Cinemas stop censoring so many stuffs even the word shit, I don't feel guilty saying 'support DVDs!'.


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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