Bye, bye 2008!

This is the mother of all posts; for this year. I’m talking about the post of the year peeeeoooople!

Okay, I think I exaggerated too much; this is where I recap all things that happened this year, the good, the bad, and either the best or the worst! I will remind you of the things I did this year (you can have your ‘was it this year’ moment) and reveal my deepest most time-wasting post EVER!

The year of:


My college buddies were extremely busy this year working our butts off organizing events particularly birthday surprises for each and everyone of the gang member! Can I get a Holla my friends? We love each other so much that some of us even waited for hours, slept on the cold tiles floor, confuse themselves with billions of mixed messages, travel to the world ends, broke their curfews (jeng jeng jeng) and even broke their no-sugar diet to eat at least 2 cakes in one birthday for that 5 seconds of ‘Surprise’! It’s true! This year was the ultimate year of surprises.

The Surprise Gang

KL friends meet Sabah
- I’m very happy and proud that my never ever stepped on east Malaysian planet besties went to KK last May, this included my sweetheart! Pulau Manukan was a bummer because there were so many sea-mites biting us all over, but other than that everything else went awesome! They had their once in a lifetime boatride, danced on stage with the Murutians, and even managed to go up the Canopy walk!

- Been with him for more than a year now, and we started of late last year. So if this year isn’t about the man who accompanied me almost everyday on my lonely days and shared the cheapest funniest dates and trips ever, I don’t even know what this year could have been without my source of love!

Look at him! :)

Two Graduations?!
That was the two exact words my mum screamed at me when my brother and I announced to her, that both our graduation will be conducted on the same year; August and October. Because she’s far far away from us – she had to traveled ($$$) for these two occasions, which includes graduation robes rental, presents and flowers, and dinners! She was contemplating on going to mine because it’s only a Diploma, but she did and I was really thankful for that!

Public Transportation
- I was a noob when it comes to traveling with public transportation around KL, but sweetheart turned me to a traveling genius (quite goodlah) this year! I’ve traveled far and beyond, and most awesome both sweets and I tried almost every way and every method to get to our destinations. It was so much fun, and … quite painful. I wore heels most of the time. *closes eyes*

After only a while warming up in this industry, I finally managed to get numerous of Bylines (the name on articles) this year! It’s pretty exciting for someone who just started (let me be!) writing this year, and finally had my names even face printed and published. Wee!

Align Left
What movie next?
- Probably the year where I watched movies wayyyy too much! From free movies, to second time watching it movies, goodness probably I spend most of my money on movies or traveling to catch movies!

Hello, 2009!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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