Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday Night Pasar Malam SS2

Always go to SS2's Pasar Malam Monday night. Always!

Despite the really long jam (usually around the roundabout only), the Pasar Malam in SS2, is wicked. From house decors, to food, to shoes, to wet markets, to plants and every other random things in the world, it has so much to offer there! Being stucked in the jam for atleast 20minutes is most of the time inevitable however you can still opt another way which is from SS3/ Kelana Jaya. This is where we help you - park around the housing area/ behind the lorong which is opposite the Bus Stop or Poh Kong. In this case, you can escape the Pasar Malam jam, have a walk(especially after you eat) for less than 5 minutes, and parking is easy breezy!

Two thumbs up, for all the chinese delicacies there - some of which I realised, only can be found in SS2 actually. Especially enjoy the really cheap prices like for instance this Siew Mai which I bought for RM2.20, for 8 pieces! And they're not small either! Sweets eventually decided to buy 45 pieces, which costed about RM13 only! Chill guys, they're frozen Siew Mais, we didn't eat 45 pieces then and there :)

I remember eating this particular kuih as a kid, and I used to call it 'Kuih Bulan', because of it's shape. This is also highly recommended from me, especially when it's fresh from oven! This kuih reminds me so much of home - and sekolah rendah! Always, always eat it while its hot!

This is the Veggies corner, quite frankly I don't know what they're called. Some of it has shrimps inside, while some has seaweeds and most people usually eat one box per serving. I'm not really a fan of this particular type, but for Veggie lovers - I think you can give this a try! :) Oh, I would love to try the white balls at far left of this picture, looks good!

Remember playing these pops back when you're a kid? This box contains small white balls (covered in a thin cloth that has mercun inside). I remember only being able to play with it on certain occasions like birthdays, new year's celebration and even christmas! *grins* How we use to throw it, directed to our cousins or friends? Good golly, I don't think I'm half as daredevil as I was back when I was a kid! These things scare the balls out of me now!

I told you they sell plants too!

Anyway, give SS2 Monday Nights Pasar Malam a visit when you're free. Expect to walk a lot to scout for good food, and always remember to buy it in small portions so that you won't be full by the time you go for the actual dinner at the Food Court Area!

Here are the list of my favourite things for you to try in SS2;
1. Lo Han Guo Drinks (you can have a drink at the stall, or just buy a cup!)
2. Chee Cheong Fun (with prawns & char siew)
3. Duck Rice (Sweetheart's All Time Favourite)
4. Char Kuey Teow
5. Ikan Bakar

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I finally set up an online platform for me to sell off my second hand items. Sweetheart will be helping me with it until May this year where everything I need to sell off must be gone from this room by then. I don't think it's easy to encourage people to buy from a second hand online store - for obvious reasons; trust & used. But worry not, minor requests such as wrapping & washing can be done!

The main reason I need to clear up before May is because I'm leaving for Australia in July, and the house I'm currently staying now is a rented house. Most of the clothes will be donated, other stuffs like books, bags, racks and so many other random things will be put up for sell. Not to mention, some of the stuffs were never even used! It's just like eBay, only all items are mine & WAY cheaper. Of course, earning some money is prioritised as well.

Anyway, remember to check out Jacqkieseconds, and most importantly tell your friends about it, or even link it up. It will only be up until May, and oh!, everything there is less than RM30 inclusive of shipment & C.O.D (Malaysia only). If you really want an easy way out of buying items, you're most welcome there.

And don't worry about rip-offs, I'm only selling the items that are in good condition. You can investigate, interrogate me anytime! :) I feel more at ease if you do so. I know blogshops/ online shops are mushrooming but mine is unique and different because it's more towards house decors, it will only be up 'til May, and it's all good with the wallet.

So see you there, loves!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fried Eggs

Listening to - Will.I.Am- It's a New Day

I'm thinking of Cash Converting some of my stuffs here in PJ, or donate them or sell them off online. Since I don't know how to work eBay, neither am I a celebrity where my tissue would cost thousands, I'm thinking of a way to sell it through blog like everyone else in the world does it. Those things include second hand books, home decors, CDs - alot.

I've been to a couple of job interviews this week, all for Events Management. All preferred full-time, nonetheless sweets and I shall get phone calls when needed. Hopefully in a day I get few bucks to keep up. Though I've been doing quite good, by not going out at all this week (which means more money saved, than spent) I need to do better.

Eating fruits for lunches and drinking fruit juices probably isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Now it's all about maintaining that kind of lifestyle, and I should be fine. But that bloody neighbour next to me had to cook some good-smelling curry which made me terribly miss my mum's curries! Good golly! I decided to cook;

Eggs. Fried Eggs. Kesian gila.

I'm also currently looking for big, brown boxes to unpack from Petaling Jaya. I don't know how to bring some of the stuffs home back to KK, and most importantly I don't know how to throw or give away other stuffs which I mentioned about selling it off online. It's so annoying! I'm so stucked. I finally got my payment from posing for PASSIONS that day. Wee! Some fine-dining dinner for me coming up for me and sweeeetheart!

I need to utilize my camera more this year. I have no photos. No new ones :(

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Critic's Choice Award 2009

I don't know about you guys, but I prefer Critic's Choice Awards over everything else - anyday. I prefer the former because I believe the critics have always eloquently written down their reasons, expressions of movies to the readers. I find reading movie reviews, critics and commentaries easy to relate to and most importantly, makes things easier to expect. Minus the exception that some reviewers can be totally biased of their favourite writers or even directors. Boo them.

Just this year I developed a big crush on watching/reading Critic's Choice Awards (partly because I have absolutely nothing to do at home), so I Youtubed, and Googled this Award to find out whose who - won the Awards. The power couple failed to win anything this year, despite their very commercialized chances of winning both the nominations in Changeling & Benjamin Button.

Digital Mall very the awesome wan oh because the movies I'm looking for were there! Uncensored! with Scenes Selection (well, of course)! Except certain movies, that only people who is mightily obsessed with foreign or artsy movies have strange ideas where to get 'em - of course. Since I only have Google to teach me a thing or two, I too want to know why and what the other end of the world are worshipping.

Critic's Choice introduced me to a few movies which I am dying to watch and learn from, so I shall introduce them to you as well;
1. Slumdog Millionaire (Best Picture, Actor, Composer, Writer, & Director)
2. Milk (Best Actor- Sean Penn)
3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (none)
4. Doubt (Best Actress - Meryl Streep)
5. The Revolutionary Road (none)
6. Rachel Getting Married (Best Actress -Anne Hathaway tie)

I have two in my hand right now, and I so can't wait to watch 'em :) and until the Malaysian Cinemas stop censoring so many stuffs even the word shit, I don't feel guilty saying 'support DVDs!'.


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Friday, January 09, 2009

Fake Tattoos awesome also mah

Listening to Leonard Cohen - Suzanne

I'm feeling abit melancholy at the moment, hence the music selection. My honey is an hour away from me, cousins reaching late, family - ah, I don't even know how to describe how much I've missed the giggles, and dimples carved on my beautiful sister's face everytime I grab her boobs. Yes, I do that only, only to see her laugh.

As you can see from the picture, I have a temporary tattoo on my left ankle which I weally like. My sister and I did the temporary tattoo about a week ago and it only costed RM6 each. It's pretty isn't it :) Give us a break, we were on holiday! She was quite worried of getting caught (since she's a prefect) in school, but I think by now the temporary tattoo would be washed off. She's so adorable!

Okay I just had a lightbulb moment - why do they call the prefects, prefects? Does the word prefect resemble, perfects - therefore, the prefects are supposedly to be perfect in all way?

Quite the dumb blonde momentlah, but ngam isn't it? Or is it like too freaking late for me to discover about this?

Had one of the most unproductive day today. Went for the office for the interview only to find out that it's postponed till next monday. So I stoned from 11am till now. By stoning I mean, sleeping and watching TV. Okay, coolios with that I get to have the weekend for meself since honey bunny is in Kampung with his family after I abducted him for Sabah the past 3 weeks. I get it, I get it my turn to miss him now :)

Oh, I so need to share with you guys what my christmas presents are! They're so awesome and the most sweetest ever from my sister and sweetheart! I did, seriously really did told him that I'm probably the least materialistic person on earth, he still bought me about gazillions of stuffs! I was so pissed off! I wanted to marah him then and there, but couldn't because he was too sweet, because according to him he saved his money for xmas presents *sob sob*.

He bought me an Elianto Make-Up set - he hand-picked all the makeup colours! (take note that he knows zero bejeebers about makeup) and the gorgeous Elianto Make-up bag. The Peace sign necklace sign from Forever 21, that I wanted so much. A face-cream which was quite random, but I still love it. Oh the last and seriously not the least, a present which was exact same thing that was bought by my sister!

He said he visited so many places, hours and hours after that, to finally be able to find that thing! As for my sister, oh sweet sister, she called my cousin up who's in KL at the moment to look for that particular thing; and told me that my cousin had to go to so many stores as well - waited for an hour to finally get her hands on that thing. What is it, it's a book!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald!

I was deeply touched by both of them, for taking notice of these little details. :'( Mummy bought me a gorgeous handbag (taking notice that the current handbag's zipper is broken). Sweetheart's mum gave me a collection of Mark's & Spencer's Shower Cream - omg, my cousins bought me books, another cousin bought me a hairy green phone keychain and well, well, sweetheart's youngest brother Nolen bought me a Shrek pop-up and Spongebob Squarepant's book!

Good golly, these xmas presents are symbols of love, which I believe none of them needed to show it through these gifts. Since they did, and were so thoughtful, I feel so loved and touched :)

I sound so much better now kan? Hehe, okay going off to watch The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants! XOXOX

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Starting the year with sickness

I'm sick, slept the whole day today, skipped lunch, and I'm burning up all over. I don't know whether this is homesick already, but I do feel sad when I reach KL.

Thankfully, also miraculously I got a little better when sweets came to my house today to see me. It's quite strange, though I always knew and experienced myself that laughter is the best medicine. He made me laugh, giggled and cuddled-up I think I forgot about the sickness.

I'm currently looking for a part-time job as mentioned in Facebook. I hope we'll do well in the job interview tomorrow. I don't like wasting my time at home watching TV, or staring at the four walls. I need to do something, and since Australia would be costly I need to earn money and cut down on spending. I need to change my lifestyle as well, and make sure I'm everywhere, anywhere until I start working.

I need to focus on my studies as well, make sure I'm doing it better this time. To manage time better, and to have good rest in between. To eat healthier food, and try avoiding alcohol. Though I've done quite good last time, this year it has to be better. To start working by the end of this year, and to start drawing up my future.

Since I'll be 21 this year, it also means that my sister will be 17 this year, and that mummy's reaching for retirement soon. So I need to be intelligent in what I do, to give whats best for mummy and making sure my sister will be enrolled in a good uni. Hopefully, when my brother starts earning already, life for mummy will be easier.

Wow, I'm talking big already, and I'm not even earning yet.

Which brings me to my new year's resolutions. I know most of you have given up on new year's resolutions, frankly I don't even remember what was mine last year's but I do this because it's my tradition in doing good (for at least the first 2 months).
  • Maintain/ improve my relationships with sweetheart and my family.
  • Improve my Degree results.
  • Start earning more money!
  • Eat, live and love healthy.
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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Selamat Kembali ke Sekolah

Three more days 'till I'm back to that lonesome house again, I've been quite busy lately - I don't have much time to spare for blogging that much during the Christmas holidays. Frankly, I find holidays this time too awesome, I really do not want to go back KL this time. My heart is at its' heaviest to leave this home this holiday.

I find peace massaging mummy just now. Though partly, because I was talking to her about money and life, I find it hard to believe that by the end of this year, I'll have to start working too, like thinking of the future kinda work. My time as a student will finally be up, it's time to pay dues to my mum. It was quite enlightening talking to her, she made me realize the best and the worst things in life, that every sweat dropped is to make the babies in the house smile.

I've promised myself to help my mum in anything she does or wants in future. She's probably world's greatest mum, because she has taught all three of us how to be strong, and kind at the same time. I really don't know what I could have become or do if she's not with us.

Okay, sorry again for talking emotionally much about my mum. It's just I feel really appreciative, and sad after talking to her about life just now. She's probably the only person in my life, that can make me listen intensely about their struggle and rantings in life because there's meaning and essence to it - the talk made me think.

Anyway, my lovely sister will be having her SPM this year. With all the responsibilities at hand, I'm praying and hoping that she can cope with it. Did I tell you she's like the freaking President for Interact, Menteri Kewangan, Setiausaha Parlimen, Bendahari for Badminton and in the Editor's Board for the Magazine?! Don't you find it too much? I mean, I'm definitely (more so) proud of her, but a part of me is worried for her as well. Hm.

As for my brother; more hm. He's struggling right now. Stress gets to him, and he's trying to juggle between work and play. I surely hope everyone in this house will be okay.

Phew, I'm done sharing with you guys. I wanted to say 'Selamat kembali ke Sekolah' in this post, but forgot about it so 'SELAMAT KEMBALI KE SEKOLAH!'. As for me, classes only starts March! :) I'm off to working, or part-timing, will update ok!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bye, bye 2008!

This is the mother of all posts; for this year. I’m talking about the post of the year peeeeoooople!

Okay, I think I exaggerated too much; this is where I recap all things that happened this year, the good, the bad, and either the best or the worst! I will remind you of the things I did this year (you can have your ‘was it this year’ moment) and reveal my deepest most time-wasting post EVER!

The year of:


My college buddies were extremely busy this year working our butts off organizing events particularly birthday surprises for each and everyone of the gang member! Can I get a Holla my friends? We love each other so much that some of us even waited for hours, slept on the cold tiles floor, confuse themselves with billions of mixed messages, travel to the world ends, broke their curfews (jeng jeng jeng) and even broke their no-sugar diet to eat at least 2 cakes in one birthday for that 5 seconds of ‘Surprise’! It’s true! This year was the ultimate year of surprises.

The Surprise Gang

KL friends meet Sabah
- I’m very happy and proud that my never ever stepped on east Malaysian planet besties went to KK last May, this included my sweetheart! Pulau Manukan was a bummer because there were so many sea-mites biting us all over, but other than that everything else went awesome! They had their once in a lifetime boatride, danced on stage with the Murutians, and even managed to go up the Canopy walk!

- Been with him for more than a year now, and we started of late last year. So if this year isn’t about the man who accompanied me almost everyday on my lonely days and shared the cheapest funniest dates and trips ever, I don’t even know what this year could have been without my source of love!

Look at him! :)

Two Graduations?!
That was the two exact words my mum screamed at me when my brother and I announced to her, that both our graduation will be conducted on the same year; August and October. Because she’s far far away from us – she had to traveled ($$$) for these two occasions, which includes graduation robes rental, presents and flowers, and dinners! She was contemplating on going to mine because it’s only a Diploma, but she did and I was really thankful for that!

Public Transportation
- I was a noob when it comes to traveling with public transportation around KL, but sweetheart turned me to a traveling genius (quite goodlah) this year! I’ve traveled far and beyond, and most awesome both sweets and I tried almost every way and every method to get to our destinations. It was so much fun, and … quite painful. I wore heels most of the time. *closes eyes*

After only a while warming up in this industry, I finally managed to get numerous of Bylines (the name on articles) this year! It’s pretty exciting for someone who just started (let me be!) writing this year, and finally had my names even face printed and published. Wee!

Align Left
What movie next?
- Probably the year where I watched movies wayyyy too much! From free movies, to second time watching it movies, goodness probably I spend most of my money on movies or traveling to catch movies!

Hello, 2009!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.