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Gold Coast Family Vacation 2009

Here comes the usual travel update!
Christmas was spent in Gold Coast, the glitz and glamour of the beachy lifestyle, where every corner you see stands smoking hot milfs and dilfs with heavily inked bodies, and somehow, hot or cold - they are shirtless. I swear, it's like the scenes from MTV's The Hills.
We were there for 7 days, stayed at Santana Resort and loved the clean, convenient place. The managers/owners were incredibly friendly and helpful, it's awesome. The room we stayed basically has everything, from kitchen utensils to washing machine to sofa bed.
For my avid readers, you should know that I don't really do travel logs complete with dates and days, and my pictures are more often than not, not in sequence, so please bear with me, 'Cause I'm weird like that or, erm, lazy :)
Reached Gold Coast at about 6PM local time, strangely, not beaten, eventhough I barely slept the night before. Had Mexican that night (super awesome can die, it's damn cheap al…

Greetings from home!

I'm a free woman, so from the wise words of Frank Ferdinand; take me out!
After years of publishing my thoughts online, you know I am inclined to give you grandma stories on my personal issues nowadays. I don't blame you if you ever give up this page. Shitty rantings on my opinions and random worldly inquiries can get pretty repetitive and hard to keep up sometimes. I get that, my mind needs a break. But, oh well. These thoughts need to go somewhere.
Since I will be so free (could be the death of me), I can blog about things that are more inquisitive. Wah, my English damn powderful now. Like; Mum, if you could label Jacqkie with the Little Ms & Mr, what would it be? Erm. I know, Little Miss Naughty. No, no. She is so naughty and terrible, she is Little Ms. Horrible. Wah. I'm that bad meh? Kidding, substantial conversations aside.
Mum is so adorable she agreed to take funny webcam photos with me. I like her this way. Not too naggy, not dysfunctional either. Like a mum sho…

3 things I must tell you before I forget them.

1. God willing, I wish to have four kids.
I hope this doesn't scare anyone (especially you Shrek), I never really mind before this, until I realised how even numbered families can be so practical at times. I wouldn't call it 'suffer', but I did have mid-child issues when growing up. As a result, I'm evidently a lot more different from my two siblings. Today in bus, I saw a family with 4 children. They were in 3 pairs, and it was so soothing to see one child is taken care of by another, made me happycan remember till now, I'd like that :)
2. Kids have hangovers too. From themeparks.
I was telling mum today that when adults had a wild night out and don't remember what really happened the next day, well kids have it too. From themeparks. First they get high on coke, candy floss and popcorn. Then, they say yes to all the rides they see moving. Or splashing. Usually end up crying or confused with the ride. Third, they get face paintings and temporary tattoos. Wal…

Merry Christmas 2009!

Every year we expect the carols, heavy red green decorations and our parents to set us in the festivity mood. Or at least, stimulates us to feeling Christmassy at year end. I won't lie, like you, sometimes I expect to see a lot more along the streets to keep me reminded that Christmas is coming.

Supposedly to be the most commercialised celebration, I couldn't feel as much, until Secret Santa and meeting up with my family came to picture. When you put two and two together, you'll see that for me to able to feel so much love in this air is through... gatherings and reunions.

I am a simple person with simple expectations. Secret santa the other night taught me a thing or two about Christmas, that at the end of every religious celebration isn't just about passing parcels or mutters, but about genuinely knowing what the celebration is about, sincerely being happy with the people around you, genuinely remembering them in your hearts and prayers wherever you go, actually genuin…

I'm leaving Adelaide...

in 2 days. Goodbye friends, goodbye experience :( Hello home, hello plans, hello future.
Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thanks boys!

Hello you :)

Finally able to take a breather from a busy hectic month. Some of the girls are back in Malaysia, and is already slowly settling down. It's not easy to pick up where we left especially with our closest friends and loved ones, things are just not the same. We don't share the same jokes, nor know the same circles anymore, keeping up with new things in each other's life is like starting all over.

But, I guess I'm ready. I have to.

I've gotten fairly close to some of the boys I just met here in Adelaide. Note the word, just. In a way I'm glad we've only gotten to know each other just recently, like I told Jifai and Amai leaving the party when it's just getting started probably has the most impact on you. True enough the girls wailed like babies on their day of departure. Fact is, it's not about just being separated. It's about not knowing when days like these could ever happen again, never knowing. The bond we have with these boys is just …

Victor Harbour 2009

Before I begin, I'd like to credit Yuen for some of the photos uploaded here :)

Last week the gang went to Victor Harbour, which is about two hours (plus minus) drive from the city. We spent 3 days, 2 nights there and oh! the house is real comfy! Some of the boys crashed on the couch, while the others slept on the bed.

I'm not sure what this place is called, but the view is amazing. It's on the way to Victor Harbour. I find absolute peace in looking at this massive blue stretch, it's so relaxing. Jeff did most of the organizing, the other two boys did most of the driving while Amai, did most of the entertaining :)

One random fact about Amai: his nose is soft. Yeah, damn random right. But really it's such a discovery! We've been touching his nose for the past few days.

Here's Sam and Justin :)

On that night we reached, we decided to watch a scary movie; Paranormal Activity. After much convincing and persuading, baby Justin and "brave" Sam finally a…

Meteor Shower

Not entirely blue sky, clouds rush in, whistles of wind everywhere, drizzle. Nicer temperature as compared to two nights before. It was stuffy, wet and sticky. People usually relate to how they're feeling at that moment with the weather, something I have adopted ever since I came here. Used to refuse to feeling blue during heavy pour, but somehow, in someway I crash on my balcony couch with a lot of thinking when it's all cloudy. Nothing negative, usually reflective, but it must be the weather, I thought. I told you the weather can be a conversation on it's own. It's that volatile.

I took this photo for the irony of wearing sweater on a very hot / sunny day. Stillness in times of change.

You've probably read my status on witnessing a meteor shower. I swear, it was one of the biggest highlight in my life. In fact, I can scrap it off from my to do-list before I die. When they messaged me that there was going to be a meteor shower, I didn't expect anything, nothing.…


Room is shit messy.

Books are everywhere, pony lying on the floor. I have been so busy the past week that I don't even have time to clean up my room. I swear it's probably going to last this way till I leave.

Today marks the day I pass up my last assignment for Degree, like Audrey, I didn't feel as liberated as I thought I would be. I'm still trying to figure out why.

Okay, I told myself that this post will not be as emotional as before. Not trying to be indenial lah, but the more I think about it, the more I'll miss everything. Even before leaving, it's depressing. So anyway, today was a good day. Had a date with Cindy, I've missed her so much since she has been staying back home (it's like sauna by the way) for assignment the past week.

Cindy: I look like a construction worker at home.
Me: ?!?!
Cindy: I've been baluting my head and neck with cold towel. Now I understand them, it's really cooling.
Me: *eureka moment* Woooooooo really arh.