I'm going shopping tomorrow! Wookiieee! Actually, I'm going shopping to look for my family's presents! Its been so long since I last go to KL, so sweets and I are going downtown yo!

I hope to get things for meself as well, since Christmas is in three weeks time, and Christmas, is probably the valid-est excuse to shop ever! Like really! I shall update you what I bought for meself, though probably you couldn't possible care less, but gah - it's my blog! :)

I'm super bored these days, except those days when I'm spending time with sweets and his family, they make me miss mine soo much more - and I really can't wait to meet them next week!

Oh, oh, I got blisters that day for playing too much PS2. Like can you believe that, Jacqkie playing too much PS2? Thanks to Sweets' brother for accomnpanying me when I'm around, I ended up hours and hours on games!

Sekali, sekala bah kan.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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