Rocky Road

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I'm going back next week, and huge part of me is pretty excited, while another pretty sad to leave sweets here (just for a couple of days - ahem) and his family because they have been extremely sweet to me; especially the baby brother. I will surely miss him and his endless efforts in entertaining me - he's a sweetheart!

I went shopping that day as I've proudly mentioned to you guys in my previous post. While it contradicts with my other post just before that post (damn, just scroll down) I manage to get myself a pair of Nose (heels mind you) and a dark blue capris. Which costed less than RM50 for both! Why I'm bragging you about my cheapskateness here - I actually, do not know.

I was so tempted to buy this Maroon pep toe that was so delicious, but extremely painful to be worn. I was trying it on infront of sweetheart and thank God he didn't liked it because if not, I would have bought it with blood all over my feet! It was deadly gorgeous! Now, I feel like buying it... *grins*

I made Rocky Road yesterday for sweets' family. It was actually for him because he wanted me to cook and make him that before I'm off to KK. I've been pretty much keeping myself busy these days which includes loads of shopping, and much more of eating! Crap, I really need to work my butts and my tummy off (which means - while I'm cooking for everyone else I need to go greenmy self) and look good for the next semester - for second semester sake!

Did I mentioned I'm feeling tad insecure today?


It's like so blardy annoying, you know those days where you get all tied up with what everyone wears, do and even have! I seriously couldn't believe my attitude myself - so I talked it over with my baby and thankfully everything went well after that because he's the apple of my eye and he makes the world a better place even if it takes him to suck up my whinings!

I don't know about other women, but annoyingly I have these occasional mood swings where I can become so defensive of other women's actions (I know it's not new) and most awkwardly become most selective of what I think of other women. For someone who has gone through all girls school in the freaking high school - I guess being selective of what I like and what I don't like in a person or myself for that matter becomes natural! Terrible terrible person! I believe that girls are much worse creatures, while men can become physical during high school - girls are capable of emotionally draining somebody else! By not directly acting upon them! Kan?

I really need to go to the Curve's flea market, and watch some movies in Cineleisure because I have some Popcorn combos with me, that I don't want it to go to waste!

ps: I really, really miss my sister...

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