More doctors in East Malaysia

I'm writing this post to plead to all the future doctors to be more considerate and passionate in what they do. Most importantly, if ever you choose to become a doctor, be more aware that other remote and rural areas are most in need of your help.

I know you have your home, your love, and your whole life ahead of you, but if you are yet in search for all that I've mentioned, please opt to help sick people instead of living in your comfort zone. You, doctors are powerful people - you can either change our direction in life, or give us another shot in changing the directions. There's definitely more to life than your lab coat and stetoscopes - this you know best.

I'm pleading this because my brother is currently an intern in the general hospital in KK. He starts off his day at 6.00AM, and reaches home latest by 12.30AM which makes it, 18 hours of working a day, 7 days a week. Although this might go on only for 2 weeks, but what I'm about to share with you is more than that. Eating only one meal for that 18 hours.

He told me that the ratio of interns in general hospital in KK and in KL, is 13:1000 for KK, and 400: 1000 for KL, though this is not the actual figure, probably an exaggarated comparison by him, what he's trying to say is that it still has vast difference. Comparatively, interns in KL work to learn and observe other senior doctors on the first few weeks, however not in KK where my brother did most of the doctoral work almost immediately.

Please do not let him know I did this. He will kill me for sure, but I just really pity him. When we complain that general practices are incompetent and insufficient; we ought to know ourselves that we are the only reasons why we're in that hospital, needing their help.

Everyone has their own lives regardless of any fancy title you have before your name. If you are not attached nor bound to anything, search within yourself and take this calling. :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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