Internship anyone?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but last semester break not one single soul thought of working or interning in a communications' company or something that has got to do with their line of work. True? In contrast, last break I went back to KK slightly early to show my friends around KK and spend time with them, also with my family. After coming back from KK, I immediately went internship/ part time job hunting in all these communications companies so that I could gain experience or more contacts while I'm working. Before the holidays, not one person I know or (not know of) thought of this idea. And now. BAM. Everyone's doing it!

Frankly, I don't know why the sudden this become such a trend. I dare say that these people (my circles only) might, get this whole idea from me. Yes, I said it, ME. Or the "wind blew" SO BLARDY strong about my internship experience, that some might thought this was a good idea. I did remember people asking me about working as an intern in a company, or working as a writer and other mishaps or benefits that came along with it, and none shared theirs. I'm usually not this "direct" but in this particular post I am, because I'm slowly breaking out in becoming a much more substantial or blessed be, influential writer.

Back to my point; Everyone, I know or see, or met talks about doing internship, is doing intership or part time in a communications company. I bet last time, you'd prolly worship the days you ended internship or, backtalk someone like me, who was too dumb enough to do internship AGAIN just for a few hundred bucks. Don't tell me this didn't crossed you mind.

This post might sound sarcastic, or mean, but truthfully I'm more than pleased to know that this is now officially a trend. Despite whatever you guys might think, I still think that no one had the balls to try out internship or part time last time. Maybe one or two, who had relationships or rapport with their previous workplace, I mean this is only normal and I've heard so many doing this. I swear to God, almost everyone did either almost absolutely nothing or worked nothing that has got to do with their line the last break we had. Including my juniors and everyone I know of, nothing!

Other than gossiping about other people (I feel bad, but I really had to get it out of my chest) I'm quite surprised that there more people now that are willing to do alot in life to gain knowledge and the ever so priceless experience. NOT SARCASTICALLY.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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