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Await for my 2008 post, please

I ate alot this holiday. Tremendously alot, indescribably alot. For starters, mum cooked awesome food for Christmas, and food kept coming in, we don't even know when and how to stop. Of course, with goodwill power, I believe we can say no to all the Famous Amos, Chocolate Mint cakes, Pastas, Cheese cakes - but they're so tempting! With that said, alongside with billions of other posts that mentioned about diet- I shall always give diet a try!

I think I mentioned about Gaya Street to you guys that day. Every year (If I'm not mistaken), KK Churches organise Gaya Christmas Celebration along the street, which included activities such as carols and fireworks. I went to Gaya on the last nite, and it was quite cool I must say. I think I also did mention to you guys about carols oozes homely feeling, didn't I? Like, it seriously did! Chu Ni Men Sen Ten Kuai Li - is probably the most I know in Mandarin :) thanks to the multilingual Christmas song!

Here are some of the pics of tha…

More doctors in East Malaysia

I'm writing this post to plead to all the future doctors to be more considerate and passionate in what they do. Most importantly, if ever you choose to become a doctor, be more aware that other remote and rural areas are most in need of your help.

I know you have your home, your love, and your whole life ahead of you, but if you are yet in search for all that I've mentioned, please opt to help sick people instead of living in your comfort zone. You, doctors are powerful people - you can either change our direction in life, or give us another shot in changing the directions. There's definitely more to life than your lab coat and stetoscopes - this you know best.

I'm pleading this because my brother is currently an intern in the general hospital in KK. He starts off his day at 6.00AM, and reaches home latest by 12.30AM which makes it, 18 hours of working a day, 7 days a week. Although this might go on only for 2 weeks, but what I'm about to share with you is more than …

First Time Printed

Hello holiday people!

Sorry I haven't been updating much with substantial (rite) posts so far, I've been busy spending time with my family! Plus we only have one car, so I have to drive my mum around, and it could get tiring - especially when you have to wake up pretty early in the morning. Damn mengantuk.

I'm published in PASSIONS magazine people! It's my first time, please check it out! :)

The jam in KK is getting worst, probably because of all the renovations and upgrading process. To tell you the truth, KK is developing so fast I don't even recognise the roads anymore! It's so confusing, thankfully my baby sister leads me the way most of the time. There's too many shopping malls either, everything looks as if it's replicating KL. I think Kota Kinabalu is becoming much more advanced than some of the towns in West Malaysia. I do appreciate the works by Government, or by other manaegment trying to improve the living in Kota Kinabalu, but I do hope they do…

I am

waiting for you! :)
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Stop mocking doctors or I'll skin you alive

I'm home!

The whole day was pretty blissful so far. Though I can't quite put it how I'm actually feeling about my brother finally becoming a practicing doctor now.

Okay I lied; I hate it. I think his friends' family would also hate the fact that these first two years are all about work, work and more work. I really need to tell myself that that is his job. That we are now secondary, and the least we could do is to expect least from him because he needs just that. I couldn't imagine taking away the rest he needs and the rejuvenation he requires.

I will give my love to this lovely home of mine, my beautiful mum and my sweet sister. My brother is where he's supposed and meant to be. I will always be there for him whenever he needs me because thats my job as the sister.

I really understand now, what people meant my - the struggle of the first few years of working and sweetheart, thank you for talking to me just now.

"I wish I could tell you what you'd want to h…

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I'm currently awaiting the latest movie by David Fincher; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I don't think it would be good to watch it in the cinemas since they censore almost everything.

I've checked the reviews for this movie and 5/5 used so many words I never knew existed which only mean one thing; bravo. Rumour has it that this could be Brad Pitt's shot at Oscar for his remarkable daunting act. He has been a believable good actor so far, so I'm pretty excited to be a part of this 3 hour movie to witness what they say 'phenomenal'. And apparently, the cinematography for this movie is brilliant - which is the ultimate thumbs up for me.

The story by F. Scott Fitzgerald; started of with Benjamin Button's father abandoning him - horrified by the sight of his bizarre baby. Benjamin Button was born old - an old tiny man who lives his life in reverse, becoming younger by the year but has fallen in an impossible love with a lady. (Newsweek)

I saw the book t…

Rocky Road

Listening to - Barking at the Moon Jenny Lewis

I'm going back next week, and huge part of me is pretty excited, while another pretty sad to leave sweets here (just for a couple of days - ahem) and his family because they have been extremely sweet to me; especially the baby brother. I will surely miss him and his endless efforts in entertaining me - he's a sweetheart!

I went shopping that day as I've proudly mentioned to you guys in my previous post. While it contradicts with my other post just before that post (damn, just scroll down) I manage to get myself a pair of Nose (heels mind you) and a dark blue capris. Which costed less than RM50 for both! Why I'm bragging you about my cheapskateness here - I actually, do not know.

I was so tempted to buy this Maroon pep toe that was so delicious, but extremely painful to be worn. I was trying it on infront of sweetheart and thank God he didn't liked it because if not, I would have bought it with blood all over my feet! It …


I'm going shopping tomorrow! Wookiieee! Actually, I'm going shopping to look for my family's presents! Its been so long since I last go to KL, so sweets and I are going downtown yo!

I hope to get things for meself as well, since Christmas is in three weeks time, and Christmas, is probably the valid-est excuse to shop ever! Like really! I shall update you what I bought for meself, though probably you couldn't possible care less, but gah - it's my blog! :)

I'm super bored these days, except those days when I'm spending time with sweets and his family, they make me miss mine soo much more - and I really can't wait to meet them next week!

Oh, oh, I got blisters that day for playing too much PS2. Like can you believe that, Jacqkie playing too much PS2? Thanks to Sweets' brother for accomnpanying me when I'm around, I ended up hours and hours on games!

Sekali, sekala bah kan.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

It was ohhkaay

Listening to- Justin Timberlake Summer Love

I went to watch Body of Lies with my brother the other day - this was impulsive. My brother wanted to go to MidValley for the last time before he finally leaves to KK (for good), so I decided to teman him eventhough we know all the shops would be closing on us. It was almost 10.

I was the one who dragged him to Mid Valley, for sentimental values, because no one, and I mean by NO ONE, I know has ever showed their affection for a mall before unlike him. Seriously. Every single time he's back from Johor or Seremban last time, MidValley was his definite first stop. If not, second. Anyway, I thought Body of Lies was okay. I mean of course Leonardo D'Caprio is excellent but something, just something is missing.

I was in church today, and that thought came to mind. Of course it's our state of mind that helps us distinct certain things between good, or bad. Then I remembered Mamma Mia! which my family and I thought was amazing especially Me…

Sims Next Top Model

You know I used to tell myself never to update my blog if I have nothing interesting to talk about. But, I'm too blardy bored right now! *pulls hair*

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys - I've been checking out The Sims' Next Top Model. HAHAHAHAHA. Like what the hell right. All the Sims look the same and it's so funny! I've been using alot of Youtube these days. Like freaking alot.

Went to watch Quarantine with the two boys yesterday. It scared the crap out of me. I don't like horror or thriller. The waiting, and the really loud noises, wait wait the graphic most especially creeps me out. Yerr, so bloody gory.

Then Swensen's for Ice-creams, with the gang.

Then drinks.

I'm trying hard not to shop for clothes. Really. I don't want to spend so much on clothes, and hopefully I'd get pretty accessories instead! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Internship anyone?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but last semester break not one single soul thought of working or interning in a communications' company or something that has got to do with their line of work. True? In contrast, last break I went back to KK slightly early to show my friends around KK and spend time with them, also with my family. After coming back from KK, I immediately went internship/ part time job hunting in all these communications companies so that I could gain experience or more contacts while I'm working. Before the holidays, not one person I know or (not know of) thought of this idea. And now. BAM. Everyone's doing it!

Frankly, I don't know why the sudden this become such a trend. I dare say that these people (my circles only) might, get this whole idea from me. Yes, I said it, ME. Or the "wind blew" SO BLARDY strong about my internship experience, that some might thought this was a good idea. I did remember people asking me about working as an intern in…