Why aren't you updating your blog?

I've started on my last assignment, and honestly, I kinda like it. The whole trial and error is quite cool actually. Well, of course if you must know I've been sitting on this chair for at least (plus minus) 6 hours. I really don't mind, because I really learn how to do html and css from this assignment, plus I have to finish this work by Tuesday and worry about Business for a week. Yes, for a freaking week, because I really really can't afford to fail. If I fail, I'd smother myself with the business lecture notes because!; I have to see that Cruella again.

Since none of you actually gives a damn, I shall stop. Blood pressure gets higher when I talk about it. Anyway, it's only 12something but everyone else is already fast asleep. Me on the other hand is singing Britney's Womanizer.

I'm quite excited for this afternoon's shoot. I don't really know how big or small will my face gets published, or even whether it will make the cut, I'm still pretty excited! It's kinda like the first. You know what they say, a girl should go for at least one photoshoot in their life. Hope this will be good!

My brother's sleeping with me tonight, because he's going off for some 3 weeks (fuyo) ceramah plus jungle trekking before he starts on his 5 years journey as a government doctor. These people, will for sure be attending boring seminars and lectures, and that leaves me to question the whole idea of jungle trekking. I mean, I'm assuming this concept works the same way as the one we did for primary school to 'eratkan tali-silaturahim', but I'm still quite uncertain with this whole idea.

You know what they should do, they should leave them in the woods and let them survive on their own. Which means, all they can have in their bags are medicine and their clothes. That would be cool, because if they'll be posted at rural areas then they can really make this to good use. And start making herbs out of leaves and animals. No, I'm not making fun of this concept, I really mean they should do that! You know, pushing the limits, it would be so awesome.

I don't know why, but I'm very brutal with junk food nowadays. This weekend alone, I've eaten so much of Cadburry's dark chocolate, Marks & Spencer's cookies, Apple Pie, Twiggies, slices of cheese and chocolate cakes, and dammit I bought Pringles. Expect to see me all flabby this March. Someone should really stop me, you know the 'a moment on your lips is a moment on your hips' thing. It's true! *cries* It's not even funny anymore :(

I'm trying to avoid making Christmas wishlists, it's Fantastical and it leaves me wanting more! This Christmas, I shall be humble and definitely not greedy. I shall eat what my tummy says, and not what my eyes are attracted to. I shall spend time with my love ones, instead of sleeping the whole day. I shall, do it.

I'm off to sleep now. Bye!

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