Passions' Photoshoot

Last week Calyn called me up for a photoshoot, and I contemplated on saying yes at first because I don't approve of sexy or obscene shootings/ photos of myself. But when Calyn told me I get to dress-up myself, I excitedly said yes! I'm definitely much more comfortable with my own clothings.

Anyway, when her colleague called me up to confirm with me the details and what not, I asked her whether I can bring Daren with me to the photoshoot, and guess what, she asked him to take part as well! Hahaha. He was dragged into it, without being able to say no! :)

Me: baby, I have something to tell you.
Baby: what ar.
Me: Tomorrow you're taking part on the photoshoot as well.
Baby: ..... (10 seconds of silence)
Me: Baby?
Baby: Oh my God. I AM DAMN SHY.

All I can share with you guys about the spread are; it'll be on December Issue of PASSIONS, it's about clubbing and partying, it's about youth-ism, and of some new year's resolutions. The photoshoot went tiringly well. It took about at least two to three hours to get our hair and makeup done. Both Daren and I didn't have our lunch, so we were having terrible headaches after hours of waiting for the group shot, when everyone was done.

The shot was taken at Space Club in Heritage Row. It's quite funky actually, and the entrance is... well, not that obvious. I'm not sure whether thats a good thing, but Daren and I were searching for the entrance door which was apparently, underneath Cynna, and in between the Loft and the mamak Bukharry's. It was this two tiny glass doors. Rather unique actually.

I was the first to shoot. Here are some of the pics, though I didn't manage to take pictures of myself when I was snapped away. I'm really tired, the whole thing ended around 6.30pm, and I was there since 2pm. Tired. Tired.

The Space Club
Before Make-Up & Hair Do
After Make-up & Hair-Do (even his!)

Calyn (the Ihopemybossdoesn'tseethis look)

See, see.

Very, very over the top makeup!

Handsome, beb! (he's so going to kill me)

I purposely took this shot, to show the gorgeous art!

"Which one should I get for this morning..."

The pretty, shiny pillows! :)

After everything was done, we left the place with seriously not freaking kidding you heavy makeup walking around the streets of KL. After 5 minutes of passing heavy lookers, I couldn't take it, I took off my fake eyelashes and start scrubbing my makeup off - and failed. It was too thick! We went and have dinner after that, and well.. let's just say I was probably the most coloured one in SS2 last night.

Last but not least, I'm so proud of my baby! He'll be published! :)

I'm sorry the group shot is fugly, this the best Calyn can get and I tried photoshopping it! :(

Group Shot (L-R) Dee, Jesslyn, Daren, me, Natasha, Akmir (?) & Nana.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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