F word!

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I really tried, really tried to. I was keeping myself busy by washing my clothes, sweeping my room floor, watching Hannah Montana and checking people's photos on Facebook, the evil-blogging spirit still manage to entice me to update! Grr.

I am supposed to update my "Academic Blog" but I couldn't because those stuffs are too darn boring so I decided to prostinate for abit. For goodness sake, I'd have to freaking reference my post! Okay, okay enough about my work. It seems like everyone else has been blogging about assignments, and school our readers would probably feel our sorrow.

After much learning about blogging phenomenon, and how it has affect people and their lives, I guess making my blog public to the eyes of the most weirdest or coolest people in the world, could only mean one thing; just leave it to their interpretation. Frankly, I'm not really worried or scared when strangers read my blog, I actually feel more awkward when people who knows me read about me, and uses that priviledge to ask me or harrass me about it. I'm not really comfortable talking about the things I talk about in my blog, to some people because words are easier described when you don't have many facial expressions focusing on you. It's tough, isn't it?

Conclusion is, hello, everyone :)

Last week was my first anniversary with sweets. Watched Mamma Mia!, had awesome cake in Pastis Gardens. After much talking, and reminiscing of sweet memories (not that it has been SO long, hehe) we went for dinner at Spaghetti since we got an RM10 voucher. Food was great, I swear that place really reminded me of a typical American bar - minus the families with toddlers of course.

Matching slippers!

Here comes the political Jacqkie. I'm not particularly interested in talking about the politics thats apparently making the world go round right now, but truth is, somehow politics do make the papers now interesting (not, worth it) to read. Especially, when Obama's daughters were on the focus when they got themselves dogs (yes, anjing) , this after when he won. Like, what? That's a news, itself? But I'm glad he won, not because everyone else is rooting for him, or because he allows gay marriages or he's black but because I think America is, and always will be a Democratic country. Not through the media, but the kids, and families there practice values that are much cooler than us. Though he's a junior, he's got all his life to fix or improve USA with help and assistance with his comrades in the White House.

I'm currently OBSESSED with online tv. Every damn subject I have in Lab, my fingers will automatically type the website and I'm there listening to lecture, while streaming the video. Gosh, shame on you jacqkie. Shame! Oh, lipstick jungle is tha' bomb by the way. All three women look so ridiculously hot in their 40s you'd love all the repetitive drama thats clinging them. Though it happens to their menopausy life over, and over, and over again. No shit!

I should stop cursing too. All the F words, coming out ready. *makes sad face* I never intend or want to curse, it's just not cool la. I used to use Fudge, now fudge sounds like food. I mean. You know actually sounds like food to me.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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