And it starts now

Listening to Dean Martin- Memories are made of This

"What are you going to do tonight?"
"...I. Don't. Know"
"...that's like the best answer ever."

I'm drugged with music right now, since I have a bucketfull of free time, I just ransacked my brother's playlist - and seriously, no like really, he's got THE BEST playlist ever. He's got Bob Dylan, to Bob Marley to Love Actually's soundtracks, to Duffy and to Crush On You to a box of CDs that I'm just waiting for the right moment to play 'em. Oh, and I'm officially on holiday now. It's not so special, it's only just...


Okay, that sounded mean and bitchy. I'm sorry. I'm just so glad I'm on holidays now, but I reckon this excitement will be over in few more days 'cause waking up late everyday would wear off sooner or later right? Which means, it's time to unveil my things to do list! *jeng jeng jeng!*

1. Pepper Ann. I'm not going to hyperlink this word so please Google or Youtube it!

2. Read books! Thanks to my beautiful baby and friends, I have few books to keep me company this break. Including - Archie's!

3. Lose Weight/ Diet. (If you can't beat them, join them!)

4. Games. Computer, handphone (hahahaha- loser) or in any other form I shall seek for the silliest most easiest (oh no I didn't) game in the world to play.

5. Blogging. Prepare to be constantly updated or read (no force) about me.

6. Shopping. Probably in KK, because mummy will be there.... She gives... advices! :D

7. Work. I'm still trying to figure out how to go about this one, because when I'm back from Sabah it'll probably be quite late to opt for a part time or internship. So I will talk to mum about this and ask for her views - 'cause she's blunt, and she's my mum! (I can so rhymekan)

8. Spend time with my friends both in KK and KL!

9. Clubbing/ Partying

10. not in that order... and MORE.

I'm set! Now I just need to ask God to rain cash in my room. *looks up the sky*

I have a confession to make. I had pizza for lunch just now. Wait, wait, I have a valid explanation to this. Only because I've been craving for Dominoes Pizza for almost a month now and because I've been so busy this whole November, Pizza was delayed, until baby was incredibly sweet, he somewhat surprised me to eat pizza with me today. And you know what, the whole time I've been craving for pizza, I see delivery motors, I see advertisements, people around me eating pizzas... Cripes! Makes the wait much more worth it! I was so happy, as I purposely starved myself by not munching (big deal) anything before it, plus we watched Made of Honour together with pizzas!

Thanks baby you're the best, wuv you.

Oh and you know what I just realised, blogging is so much more fun to read if everything is exaggarated. You know, like the use of 'for the 300th million times' and 'I'm going to smother myself with the lecture notes'- sounds..familiar. Right? I think everyone's beginning to use such words to make things more interesting, even if! all they did for that particular day was breakfast, class, lunch and dinner. The best part of our everyday lives has GOT to be the conversations we had HOWEVER, we choose events over anything with tons of pictures in between. Multimodality? oh, I'm looking for the ultimate peace sign necklace. Since most of my necklaces here are mixed and matched by meself, I don't mind just getting the pendant and mix around with it. I really, want a peace sign necklace! I'll look high and low, for the perfect one. I will!

One last thing that adds up to this really random and (of course) scattered post: I'm beginning to love cooking. I've been watching a lot of Asian Food Channel lately, it excites me more and more for the next cook, because I experiment by myself most of the time, and I think I'm ready to cook for my family when I'm back. Shall I warn them first?

Till then:

Happy Holidays my dear classmates!

Love, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie


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