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Boy Girl, big deal

Listening to Kylie Minogue's - Wow

In my defense, I did warned you I was going to blog whenever I feel like it. And apparently, I feel like blogging everyday... even when there's no bloody substance in it.

Screw this. Went to Section 14 with mah baby (who else) today, and had my usual awesome Hakka Mee *drools*. I've had that prolly one too many time a person can count, and I'm still having images of it in my head. *drools* again... On our way to the hawkers, we discussed about swapping genders - something like that, and asked each other, what would it be like if we change our genders with the opposite, for a day?

Me: I want a guy, to try and carry a handbag with all the stuffs inside thats not his!
Sweets: I want a girl, to try and be more relaxed, and not tensed more often than boys.
Me: I want a guy, to try wearing heels for one whole day!
Sweets: It would be cool to be a girl, and be able to eat and try all the food especially desserts because girls LIKES to try a lot o…

And it starts now

Listening to Dean Martin- Memories are made of This

"What are you going to do tonight?"
"...I. Don't. Know"
"...that's like the best answer ever."

I'm drugged with music right now, since I have a bucketfull of free time, I just ransacked my brother's playlist - and seriously, no like really, he's got THE BEST playlist ever. He's got Bob Dylan, to Bob Marley to Love Actually's soundtracks, to Duffy and to Crush On You to a box of CDs that I'm just waiting for the right moment to play 'em. Oh, and I'm officially on holiday now. It's not so special, it's only just...

Okay, that sounded mean and bitchy. I'm sorry. I'm just so glad I'm on holidays now, but I reckon this excitement will be over in few more days 'cause waking up late everyday would wear off sooner or later right? Which means, it's time to unveil my things to do list! *jeng jeng jeng!*

1. Pepper Ann. I'm not go…

Passions' Photoshoot

Last week Calyn called me up for a photoshoot, and I contemplated on saying yes at first because I don't approve of sexy or obscene shootings/ photos of myself. But when Calyn told me I get to dress-up myself, I excitedly said yes! I'm definitely much more comfortable with my own clothings.

Anyway, when her colleague called me up to confirm with me the details and what not, I asked her whether I can bring Daren with me to the photoshoot, and guess what, she asked him to take part as well! Hahaha. He was dragged into it, without being able to say no! :)

Me: baby, I have something to tell you.
Baby: what ar.
Me: Tomorrow you're taking part on the photoshoot as well.
Baby: ..... (10 seconds of silence)
Me: Baby?
Baby: Oh my God. I AM DAMN SHY.

All I can share with you guys about the spread are; it'll be on December Issue of PASSIONS, it's about clubbing and partying, it's about youth-ism, and of some new year's resolutions. The photoshoot went tiringly well. It took a…

Why aren't you updating your blog?

I've started on my last assignment, and honestly, I kinda like it. The whole trial and error is quite cool actually. Well, of course if you must know I've been sitting on this chair for at least (plus minus) 6 hours. I really don't mind, because I really learn how to do html and css from this assignment, plus I have to finish this work by Tuesday and worry about Business for a week. Yes, for a freaking week, because I really really can't afford to fail. If I fail, I'd smother myself with the business lecture notes because!; I have to see that Cruella again.

Since none of you actually gives a damn, I shall stop. Blood pressure gets higher when I talk about it. Anyway, it's only 12something but everyone else is already fast asleep. Me on the other hand is singing Britney's Womanizer.
I'm quite excited for this afternoon's shoot. I don't really know how big or small will my face gets published, or even whether it will make the cut, I'm still pre…

2 more weeks!

While Sweets was doing his IPD Assignment just now, I was pumped up blogging about cooking and food, because welll, I'm all about food. Now, my eyes are all droopy and I'm forcing myself to listen to some "clubbing" songs. Omg, NERD's Everybody Nose is too awesome not to replay it over and over again. Serious shit. It's quite of an awkward song, but I have to admit the beat makes me realise how I miss clubbing so much. I miss the loud music, I miss dancing with sweets and my girlfriends, I miss drinking, I miss dressing up from head to toe, I just miss having night outs! UNIVERSITY is robbing my life away. *asfdkasjdfchnsdh!*

Anyway, that aside. I must always remember, that the 3 months holiday is in two weeks time. Three blardy months people! Three! THREE! It's like insanely super cool, and I'm already scratching my head thinking what to do; KK (definaately), part time/internship (most likely) and open my arms wide open and fall to the bed. Oh Mercy,

F word!

Listening to Astro 865- Jazz

I really tried, really tried to. I was keeping myself busy by washing my clothes, sweeping my room floor, watching Hannah Montana and checking people's photos on Facebook, the evil-blogging spirit still manage to entice me to update! Grr.

I am supposed to update my "Academic Blog" but I couldn't because those stuffs are too darn boring so I decided to prostinate for abit. For goodness sake, I'd have to freaking reference my post! Okay, okay enough about my work. It seems like everyone else has been blogging about assignments, and school our readers would probably feel our sorrow.

After much learning about blogging phenomenon, and how it has affect people and their lives, I guess making my blog public to the eyes of the most weirdest or coolest people in the world, could only mean one thing; just leave it to their interpretation. Frankly, I'm not really worried or scared when strangers read my blog, I actually feel more awkward when p…