October Fest, seriously.

Okay, my birthday was splendid. Sweets and my friends surprised me and Calyn with their presence after much lying of they're not being able to make it for my bday because its Hari Raya.

Thank you everyone for coming. Thank you baby, Audrey, Calyn, Sweei, Karen, Brian, Hamilton, Ron, Eric, Rachel, Amanda, Vivien, Carmen, Jenhan, Wilson, Melissa, Kerry and Syafiq for making Calyn and my day, pretty! To all my friends who can't make it but I just know and feel their love, thank you! I was so sure that there were 19 people that day, but I couldn't get the last person. Until, I forgot it was me. Super slowmo.

To Nolen, Anucia, Aunty & Uncle, Tai Yee (though I highly doubt you guys read this) you guys made me feel so loved and appreciated it's awesome! I'm grateful for the 'fake' present you guys wrapped for me, eventually the real one, but most importantly the companion. You know what, Nolen, I actually wonder how things would be like when you'll grow older and probably you wouldn't wanna hang out with anymore :( because I won't be 'cool' anymore... *sigh*.

Everyone else who wished me and probably even thought of wanting to wish me (okaylah, give you some slack people who I'm not really close with) thank you so so much, for remembering or even having the guts to wish me birthday. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

I've been spending most of my holidays, erm, well, holidaying. Although about millions of deadlines are haunting me I can still say, my holidays were really well spent! Like really! Like me and sweets would say, we didn’t work hard, play hard, we played hard, harder and hardest!

Sweets on the other hand has been really sweet these past few days. Especially during my birthday. He showered me with so much love and literally gave me almost everything I've ever wanted for my birthday. He even cut his hair for me in assumption I prefer him that way because he'll look presentable and cleaner that way. You'd be surprised to what extend I will prove my point when I mean, looks or whatever you have really don't matter to me sweetheart :) worry not, you look gorgeous!

You always have been!

I don't mean to be sad and all, but I don't know whether this will be the last birthday I'll get to really spend with you guys. I just hope things will still be good when we're far away!

Calyn and My cake! :)

Calyn, the other birthday girl, love you!

Kerry! :)

Most of them were first time Shisha-ers. And they look really, really cute!


Vivien, Carmen and Jenhan, ooo with cupcakes!

Thanks Wilson and Melissa for coming! :)

Chan Sook Yan!!!!

Karen (youshouldreallygetafacebook) and Sway!

Nolen and his wrapped present (it's of two wrapping papers!)

Group Picture :)

Calyn's 20th Birthday! :)

The sweetest feminist, like ever! Well to the women of course :P

my best friend, my crime-partner, my lover, I love you! :)

and I'm in my twenties already!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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