Heels, Wedges!

I'm really not used to being sponged off my batteries for assignments. I feel like hamster. Everytime me and sweets goes to my place, we'd spend at least 5 minutes talking and about 2 hours schnoozing completely beyond our control, because we're too damn tired to even open our eyes and watch what's on tv.

While I figure out some strange comments I've been receiving lately, I shall let you know my needs and my wants, (more so of my wants because I don't think heels is considered a neccessity). Okay, okay I take that back before the fashion police catches me. I need to do some sandals/ heels/ wedges shopping. I don't know when, but probably one of these days when I'm really free and really rich. I need to eat some ice-cream, I actually bought one, which I can't wait to eat it, wohoo! Stress free, fat-full beb!

Okay back to the strange comments. Frankly, my dear fans ( I assume you are, then why are you here kepochi) how do you handle most importantly face the strangest comments you've received from people? Do you,

A. Laugh at the comments / compliments you received and respond.

B. Show them the finger, because obviously they don't understand and the finger looks intimidating.

or C. Laughs at it, yourself?

Australia, is coming nearer. I'm really scared, and frankly speaking I don't think I'm ready. I'm not even sure, whether I should or I should not, because the more people ask me about it, the more my stomach hurts. It hurts badly, I don't know what to answer.

Besides Australia, my closest cousin Bryan and his parents are coming to KL. Staying at my place which I assume will be cleaned up in just few hours of their arrival because Bryan is a neat freak, I hope they'll be okay with this made for midgets house.

My health has gone down to negative Okay. Not only have I been coughing, to make things worst, I've been losing my voice every morning. Cripes! I swear to God, I sound like my brother everytime I wake up. Seriously. I couldn't help but played around with the voice, with my cat. :)

My brother called me spontaneous, I have a feeling it's another word for stupid. I just have this feeling.... He keeps giving me his pity smile when I say something random. Like that day, when my mum ask me to get things from Watson, all I took was a Rejoice shampoo. Because, he can't seem to tahan seeing me not gold-digging my mum (on my graduation day) I decided to take a for-kids water bottle (seriously, it's small and it has a Lion pattern on it), but it's so cute you know! and he just laughed at me.

I haven't been cursing as much as I did last week. Last week was cursing week for me and my friends. I don't know why, but the assignments just have this tag on it 'CURSE ME'. The next thing I'd say would either be shit, or crap which is not considered a curse in the real assignment world because the thing won't load. I don't really like cursing. It's a bit degrading I must say, and sometimes I can't make up what the person is actually trying to say after much cursing.

Okaylah, I'm actually very tired, I'm quite surprised I have the mental capacity to blog, although this post is still shitty. Alright, nites!

DON'T TAKE BCB. *voices from heaven*

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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