First Anniversary!

Embargoed- November 1, 2008

I know you've read way too much about me being head over heels with this one guy that you all seem to know of just by reading my posts. Well, blogging is so much easier if you write it from the heart.

Exactly one year ago, I got into a relationship with this guy from Subang. I wasn't really sure what could happen from this relationship, but well to be fair - none of us ever are right, but I decided to go with it anyway because I like him enough to be his girlfriend.

I got a crush on him ever since I got to know him. Frankly speaking, I wasn't attracted to him at first, I perceived him as this "tall, dark and handsome" jock that I knew, just knew it, wouldn't go along with me because girls or girlfriends in this case would mean nothing to him. After much knowing, and talking, we finally got together because we like each other good enough to continue to see each other again.

Dear sweetheart, before I start on my thank yous, I'd like to say I love you so much, more than I could ever express it in my actions, and in my words. You've altered me in ways I thought I could never be, and you've loved the pieces of me that I thought no one could ever do. You see alot of things in me that I've tried to hide in my life, you make me feel good, the sincere way.

Although it has only been a year, it feels like I've learned more in this one year than I did in 20 years having relationships before you. You've taught me how to smile at the silliest things in the world, and be at most beautiful when I'm least not. Sharing things with you is a whole new level, because it's not the way you say it, most of the time, it's the way you do it. When you'd wait for me at the oddest times, for the oddest reasons, you were more of actions than words. You illustrate loveletters. You illustrate lovesongs.

I must admit, that the main reason this relationship stretches this far is because of you.

You trusted in yourself, and most importantly us. You loved me so much, inside and out that you did all the Godly sacrifices and reassured me, for what seem to be at that time, as "future".

Like others, we've fight and we've cried. We've owned up to our mistakes, also supressed what's never to be mentioned again. We've voiced out inches of our imperfections, dissatisfactions, and misconceptions. You and I know best, that words hurt more than anything else, especially from the one you care the most.

Here goes:

Thank you for having the balls to talk to me, getting to know me,
Thank you having the biggest patience everytime I tease or harras you,
Thank you for hugging me; especially after our arguements,
Thank you for kissing me, even when I'd be sneezing, coughing viruses all over your face,
Thank you for remembering all the beautiful dates and the beautiful celebrations,
Thank you for sacrificing so many things you'd never thought you would, for future sake,
Thank you for being so clingy and sweet, it takes guts for real man to show that side of them,
Thank you for shaving or cutting your hair on all the special occasions just to look good for me,
Thank you for kissing my toes, eventhough they're at the ugliest,
Thank you for doing all the romantic sweet things you did,
Thank you for loving me just the way I was, and am,
Thank you for listening to my yapping, nagging and advices everytime I'm worried of you,
Thank you for putting out the effort in getting to know my friends, and family,
Thank you for appreciating everything I do for you,
Thank you for secretly paying some of our meals because you know I'd kill you if I let you to,
Thank you for listening, and most importantly,
Thank you for putting up with me this long, I can only say it's cause you're really in love with me,

well, I'm way head over heels for you too.

I love you, and Happy 1st Anniversary sweetheart! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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