Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Anniversary!

Embargoed- November 1, 2008

I know you've read way too much about me being head over heels with this one guy that you all seem to know of just by reading my posts. Well, blogging is so much easier if you write it from the heart.

Exactly one year ago, I got into a relationship with this guy from Subang. I wasn't really sure what could happen from this relationship, but well to be fair - none of us ever are right, but I decided to go with it anyway because I like him enough to be his girlfriend.

I got a crush on him ever since I got to know him. Frankly speaking, I wasn't attracted to him at first, I perceived him as this "tall, dark and handsome" jock that I knew, just knew it, wouldn't go along with me because girls or girlfriends in this case would mean nothing to him. After much knowing, and talking, we finally got together because we like each other good enough to continue to see each other again.

Dear sweetheart, before I start on my thank yous, I'd like to say I love you so much, more than I could ever express it in my actions, and in my words. You've altered me in ways I thought I could never be, and you've loved the pieces of me that I thought no one could ever do. You see alot of things in me that I've tried to hide in my life, you make me feel good, the sincere way.

Although it has only been a year, it feels like I've learned more in this one year than I did in 20 years having relationships before you. You've taught me how to smile at the silliest things in the world, and be at most beautiful when I'm least not. Sharing things with you is a whole new level, because it's not the way you say it, most of the time, it's the way you do it. When you'd wait for me at the oddest times, for the oddest reasons, you were more of actions than words. You illustrate loveletters. You illustrate lovesongs.

I must admit, that the main reason this relationship stretches this far is because of you.

You trusted in yourself, and most importantly us. You loved me so much, inside and out that you did all the Godly sacrifices and reassured me, for what seem to be at that time, as "future".

Like others, we've fight and we've cried. We've owned up to our mistakes, also supressed what's never to be mentioned again. We've voiced out inches of our imperfections, dissatisfactions, and misconceptions. You and I know best, that words hurt more than anything else, especially from the one you care the most.

Here goes:

Thank you for having the balls to talk to me, getting to know me,
Thank you having the biggest patience everytime I tease or harras you,
Thank you for hugging me; especially after our arguements,
Thank you for kissing me, even when I'd be sneezing, coughing viruses all over your face,
Thank you for remembering all the beautiful dates and the beautiful celebrations,
Thank you for sacrificing so many things you'd never thought you would, for future sake,
Thank you for being so clingy and sweet, it takes guts for real man to show that side of them,
Thank you for shaving or cutting your hair on all the special occasions just to look good for me,
Thank you for kissing my toes, eventhough they're at the ugliest,
Thank you for doing all the romantic sweet things you did,
Thank you for loving me just the way I was, and am,
Thank you for listening to my yapping, nagging and advices everytime I'm worried of you,
Thank you for putting out the effort in getting to know my friends, and family,
Thank you for appreciating everything I do for you,
Thank you for secretly paying some of our meals because you know I'd kill you if I let you to,
Thank you for listening, and most importantly,
Thank you for putting up with me this long, I can only say it's cause you're really in love with me,

well, I'm way head over heels for you too.

I love you, and Happy 1st Anniversary sweetheart! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heels, Wedges!

I'm really not used to being sponged off my batteries for assignments. I feel like hamster. Everytime me and sweets goes to my place, we'd spend at least 5 minutes talking and about 2 hours schnoozing completely beyond our control, because we're too damn tired to even open our eyes and watch what's on tv.

While I figure out some strange comments I've been receiving lately, I shall let you know my needs and my wants, (more so of my wants because I don't think heels is considered a neccessity). Okay, okay I take that back before the fashion police catches me. I need to do some sandals/ heels/ wedges shopping. I don't know when, but probably one of these days when I'm really free and really rich. I need to eat some ice-cream, I actually bought one, which I can't wait to eat it, wohoo! Stress free, fat-full beb!

Okay back to the strange comments. Frankly, my dear fans ( I assume you are, then why are you here kepochi) how do you handle most importantly face the strangest comments you've received from people? Do you,

A. Laugh at the comments / compliments you received and respond.

B. Show them the finger, because obviously they don't understand and the finger looks intimidating.

or C. Laughs at it, yourself?

Australia, is coming nearer. I'm really scared, and frankly speaking I don't think I'm ready. I'm not even sure, whether I should or I should not, because the more people ask me about it, the more my stomach hurts. It hurts badly, I don't know what to answer.

Besides Australia, my closest cousin Bryan and his parents are coming to KL. Staying at my place which I assume will be cleaned up in just few hours of their arrival because Bryan is a neat freak, I hope they'll be okay with this made for midgets house.

My health has gone down to negative Okay. Not only have I been coughing, to make things worst, I've been losing my voice every morning. Cripes! I swear to God, I sound like my brother everytime I wake up. Seriously. I couldn't help but played around with the voice, with my cat. :)

My brother called me spontaneous, I have a feeling it's another word for stupid. I just have this feeling.... He keeps giving me his pity smile when I say something random. Like that day, when my mum ask me to get things from Watson, all I took was a Rejoice shampoo. Because, he can't seem to tahan seeing me not gold-digging my mum (on my graduation day) I decided to take a for-kids water bottle (seriously, it's small and it has a Lion pattern on it), but it's so cute you know! and he just laughed at me.

I haven't been cursing as much as I did last week. Last week was cursing week for me and my friends. I don't know why, but the assignments just have this tag on it 'CURSE ME'. The next thing I'd say would either be shit, or crap which is not considered a curse in the real assignment world because the thing won't load. I don't really like cursing. It's a bit degrading I must say, and sometimes I can't make up what the person is actually trying to say after much cursing.

Okaylah, I'm actually very tired, I'm quite surprised I have the mental capacity to blog, although this post is still shitty. Alright, nites!

DON'T TAKE BCB. *voices from heaven*

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Graduation 2008

This week was shitty crazy. Never have I run so fast here and there for a damn assignment, and that too, I started off early. Goodness. It was crazy. Other than accumulative of 24 hours of no sleep, my Diploma Graduation ceremony was on last Saturday! :)

Thank you mummy, abang and ika, also my cousins who've pushed me all this time, and I must say it's all really because of you people! :)

I was contemplating whether to go for this ceremony, because it's just Diploma and by next year, I'm graduating again for Degree anyway... But Thankfully I didn't. The whole ceremony was really fun (okaylah I'm lying, it was 500 names!), and frankly I was beyond touched and thankful that my mum flew all the way from KK to attend my 5 seconds of fame. I was so happy too that I passed with a Merit, and I found out about it just that morning. Though I'm still not quite sure, what Merit really is, I assume it's good because there're only a couple of names under the Distinction & Merit list. So, wee!

Back to the ceremony, I was somewhat bored out of my mind the whole time, since it was about 500 graduands there to go on stage, all I did was talk to sweet calyn, played with my camera, and smsed Sweets. The Occasional Adresses were omg, indescribable. I know they were trying to be motivational, but quote unquote Audrey, one of the speaker with her overflowing positivity sounded like Cinderella. Like seriously.

Here are some of the pictures on that day. More on Facebook.

Anyway, I must say it was a rewarding experience especially after 2 1/2 years of climbing ladders. Whoever said it's "just Diploma", let me shove my foot to your ass, because clearly, you're just wanting to pass Diploma without anything back with you in return. If it's not the scroll, it's the damn knowledge and friends you met along the way. And omg, I must say thank you to everyone of you for putting up with me, and basically each other because if you haven't realize we were technically helping each other to graduate with group assignments.

To the boyfriends and the rest of the boys, who've made our life a little less stressfull thank you!

Graduation Backdrop
Chhoa Teng Nee

Lai Swee Wei

Chan Sook Yan

Calyn Yap

Daren, Eric & Shaneil


Sweeeeets look he's in formal! Isn't he gorgeous?



My Family

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

October Fest, seriously.

Okay, my birthday was splendid. Sweets and my friends surprised me and Calyn with their presence after much lying of they're not being able to make it for my bday because its Hari Raya.

Thank you everyone for coming. Thank you baby, Audrey, Calyn, Sweei, Karen, Brian, Hamilton, Ron, Eric, Rachel, Amanda, Vivien, Carmen, Jenhan, Wilson, Melissa, Kerry and Syafiq for making Calyn and my day, pretty! To all my friends who can't make it but I just know and feel their love, thank you! I was so sure that there were 19 people that day, but I couldn't get the last person. Until, I forgot it was me. Super slowmo.

To Nolen, Anucia, Aunty & Uncle, Tai Yee (though I highly doubt you guys read this) you guys made me feel so loved and appreciated it's awesome! I'm grateful for the 'fake' present you guys wrapped for me, eventually the real one, but most importantly the companion. You know what, Nolen, I actually wonder how things would be like when you'll grow older and probably you wouldn't wanna hang out with anymore :( because I won't be 'cool' anymore... *sigh*.

Everyone else who wished me and probably even thought of wanting to wish me (okaylah, give you some slack people who I'm not really close with) thank you so so much, for remembering or even having the guts to wish me birthday. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

I've been spending most of my holidays, erm, well, holidaying. Although about millions of deadlines are haunting me I can still say, my holidays were really well spent! Like really! Like me and sweets would say, we didn’t work hard, play hard, we played hard, harder and hardest!

Sweets on the other hand has been really sweet these past few days. Especially during my birthday. He showered me with so much love and literally gave me almost everything I've ever wanted for my birthday. He even cut his hair for me in assumption I prefer him that way because he'll look presentable and cleaner that way. You'd be surprised to what extend I will prove my point when I mean, looks or whatever you have really don't matter to me sweetheart :) worry not, you look gorgeous!

You always have been!

I don't mean to be sad and all, but I don't know whether this will be the last birthday I'll get to really spend with you guys. I just hope things will still be good when we're far away!

Calyn and My cake! :)

Calyn, the other birthday girl, love you!

Kerry! :)

Most of them were first time Shisha-ers. And they look really, really cute!


Vivien, Carmen and Jenhan, ooo with cupcakes!

Thanks Wilson and Melissa for coming! :)

Chan Sook Yan!!!!

Karen (youshouldreallygetafacebook) and Sway!

Nolen and his wrapped present (it's of two wrapping papers!)

Group Picture :)

Calyn's 20th Birthday! :)

The sweetest feminist, like ever! Well to the women of course :P

my best friend, my crime-partner, my lover, I love you! :)

and I'm in my twenties already!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.