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First Anniversary!

Embargoed- November 1, 2008

I know you've read way too much about me being head over heels with this one guy that you all seem to know of just by reading my posts. Well, blogging is so much easier if you write it from the heart.

Exactly one year ago, I got into a relationship with this guy from Subang. I wasn't really sure what could happen from this relationship, but well to be fair - none of us ever are right, but I decided to go with it anyway because I like him enough to be his girlfriend.I got a crush on him ever since I got to know him. Frankly speaking, I wasn't attracted to him at first, I perceived him as this "tall, dark and handsome" jock that I knew, just knew it, wouldn't go along with me because girls or girlfriends in this case would mean nothing to him. After much knowing, and talking, we finally got together because we like each other good enough to continue to see each other again. Dear sweetheart, before I start on my thank yous, I'd like…

Heels, Wedges!

I'm really not used to being sponged off my batteries for assignments. I feel like hamster. Everytime me and sweets goes to my place, we'd spend at least 5 minutes talking and about 2 hours schnoozing completely beyond our control, because we're too damn tired to even open our eyes and watch what's on tv.

While I figure out some strange comments I've been receiving lately, I shall let you know my needs and my wants, (more so of my wants because I don't think heels is considered a neccessity). Okay, okay I take that back before the fashion police catches me. I need to do some sandals/ heels/ wedges shopping. I don't know when, but probably one of these days when I'm really free and really rich. I need to eat some ice-cream, I actually bought one, which I can't wait to eat it, wohoo! Stress free, fat-full beb!

Okay back to the strange comments. Frankly, my dear fans ( I assume you are, then why are you here kepochi) how do you handle most importantly f…

Graduation 2008

This week was shitty crazy. Never have I run so fast here and there for a damn assignment, and that too, I started off early. Goodness. It was crazy. Other than accumulative of 24 hours of no sleep, my Diploma Graduation ceremony was on last Saturday! :)

Thank you mummy, abang and ika, also my cousins who've pushed me all this time, and I must say it's all really because of you people! :)

I was contemplating whether to go for this ceremony, because it's just Diploma and by next year, I'm graduating again for Degree anyway... But Thankfully I didn't. The whole ceremony was really fun (okaylah I'm lying, it was 500 names!), and frankly I was beyond touched and thankful that my mum flew all the way from KK to attend my 5 seconds of fame. I was so happy too that I passed with a Merit, and I found out about it just that morning. Though I'm still not quite sure, what Merit really is, I assume it's good because there're only a couple of names under the Disti…

October Fest, seriously.

Okay, my birthday was splendid. Sweets and my friends surprised me and Calyn with their presence after much lying of they're not being able to make it for my bday because its Hari Raya.

Thank you everyone for coming. Thank you baby, Audrey, Calyn, Sweei, Karen, Brian, Hamilton, Ron, Eric, Rachel, Amanda, Vivien, Carmen, Jenhan, Wilson, Melissa, Kerry and Syafiq for making Calyn and my day, pretty! To all my friends who can't make it but I just know and feel their love, thank you! I was so sure that there were 19 people that day, but I couldn't get the last person. Until, I forgot it was me. Super slowmo.

To Nolen, Anucia, Aunty & Uncle, Tai Yee (though I highly doubt you guys read this) you guys made me feel so loved and appreciated it's awesome! I'm grateful for the 'fake' present you guys wrapped for me, eventually the real one, but most importantly the companion. You know what, Nolen, I actually wonder how things would be like when you'll grow olde…