Ikea, abang and PS3!

I had a week of Cherating, work and abang. Two of my days were taken to download that bloody Dreamweaver which I stayed up all night to check the arsehole progress. Eventually, I only managed to download the trial version. Don't ask me what happened because it was my fault in the first place. Argh.

Degree results hasn't been Jacqkie-excellent so far but it hasn't sucked either. Okie, for my standard (whatever that means) it was just mediocre. Mark my words, I will try my very best to get excellent results in the coming papers and assignments. Frankly speaking, I don't settle for second best. I gave birth to that trait in me when I started Diploma, which I must say was another painful rat race.

For now, I have about a million and one things to do and I'm quite excited though hating the workload to work on the assignments. I admit I have this weird relationship with assignments, I like doing assignments but despise the deadline part of it, basically the ultimate reason it was called an assignment.

The Chocolate Run was due about three weeks ago and my fine is piling up. Anyone going to college please let me know, I need your help to return the book! Instead of borrowing it for free, I'm now renting it! WTF! Learned my lesson, to never borrow books when I have millions of assignments.

I've been spending most of my days with my brother. Initially, I sympathise him because he's always alone so I decided to accompany him for lunches and dinners but now I've realised that we've missed each other's company so much that it really shows in his face as much as he tries not to say it. Though he tries to engage himself with his new PS, he would strike a conversation with me whenever he can. He's still able to make me laugh at his jokes, like he used to when we were growing up. He's still the kinda guy who wouldn't share one bit of his sorrow or sufferings because he expects no one can help him solve it. But, but, he's open up to my advices and solutions nowadays. He listens to me, whenever I am sure of certain things. I've missed him. I've missed his company. It's like replacing those times when he wasn't there for, or with me. We're older, but we know we're the same from the last time we left each other.

I've learned something about life, it's that you can either be happy with the people you love, or make the people you love happy. This of course in assumption that materialism makes everyone happy. Well if you haven't realised, when you can't make it to your parents' birthday you'd FedEx their expensive gift to their house, or even if you can make it for their birthday you'd talk about your work. And you know what's worst? To see myself in those situations. I can't help it but sometimes, I would reconsider my life to maybe, accept second best.

Why do women have to apologise for their success? - Lipstick Jungle

Sweets is back active in sports! I'm so happy for him, because his first love (before he met me *ahem*) was sports! Hence the superfly body and basketball-ish height. I'm glad he's much confident now after the surgery and back kicking balls like he used to. I'm so proud of you baby!

Lastly, I'm in Seventeen Magazine for October Issue. I haven't checked it myself yet, but if you see the mag lying around, check it out :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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