I need two reverse 2 days

This has got to be the spookiest notice ever, like how can you be (-2) days left for evaluation?

Besides creepy pdf frinter stalking me, I'm all jolly tonight because I had an awesome day complete with awesome dinner, after an awesome movie! and some really, freaking awesome talk with sweets. I mean, how aweeesome is that? I sound like Ashton Kutcher.

Well, I'm few days left for my 2 weeks break, which means more work! Surprised? In university world, holidays means giving you the chance to finish your workload by not taking you away from it. Like, annoying theoretical reading, I'm not saying names but some researchers (KRESS AND VAN LEEUWEN with his other gangbangers) have this habit of developing new form of English. A twisted English.

And oh, I received a call from Mr. Indy that day asking me about proPassion Communications, and I was more than happy to tell him stuffs about that small consultancy! Abang's coming back from Cambodia tomorrow, and I will be back serving him. Well, not that he treats me like a servant, he just bullies me alot. ALOT. Like every elder brothers do to their younger siblings, and darn it, it's not cool. To be honest with you, and I pray to God that you don't read this, I used to spat (I was 10years old) to his drink when I'm angry at him! I know this will taint my image, but (haha) I seriously did that. That was about the first and the... few last times.

Let's be brutally honest with each other. Do you like lies, being lied, lying, or wait scrap lying off, finding out you were lied, basically just knowing that other people lied to you, like do you? Lying comes easy, especially when you've done it so many times, but how really, do you control it when you'd expect not to lie, to the people you don't want to. It comes out easier, and definitely harder... to get yourself at times. And purposely, you'd overlap one lie with another lie and the next thing you know, you're crying in the alley asking for forgiveness for all the lies you've done. Who created lying?

Sorry for the really random talk about lying, it's just I was thinking about it just now for abit. You know those times. And oh, we're talking about us last time hooking up with a certain race before meeting up with each other. And as predicted, Daren was chasing Chinese. I mean preferred Chinese for his own reasons. Well me, I've always wanted to date a chinese as well, though a number of my exes were Chinese and none worked, I've always thought that it's their mentality that intrigued me. How hardworking, smart, and bright these men can be and that fascinated me. Like really. I was never really about the looks (believe me, you'd be so surprised) and, I used to want to date Caucasians. Solely because they are also generally, smarter. In which most cases, I'm not talking in academia, just general knowledge something I can talk about with them.

Hmph, so funny. I wonder why do we put these criterias on people we think we should settle down with.. really?

Okie. I have something to confess as well. I have these urge, of... wanting kids! (oh no, I didn't) In like a having a pet kinda thing. Everytime I see kids, I get all tingly and excited, and what's worst looking at my lecturers caressing their tummy looks so darn comforting! It's too darn sweet, and personally, I think thats how people got pregnant. They see Gwen Stefani petting her tummy, find it cute, and bam they have babies name like Apple and Blanket. Holy smack, not this trend.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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