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More holidays!

Honest truth, I'm enjoying my holidays very very much that I don't want to go back to college!

The thought of waking up early in the morning, with tons of assignments haunting me is giving me a headache.

I LOVE HOLIDAYS! WAY TOO MUCH! ARGH.Okay enough of Capslock. My last wisdom tooth is growing and now I'm in great pain :( I'm not whining, I'm just... informing you.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Ikea, abang and PS3!

I had a week of Cherating, work and abang. Two of my days were taken to download that bloody Dreamweaver which I stayed up all night to check the arsehole progress. Eventually, I only managed to download the trial version. Don't ask me what happened because it was my fault in the first place. Argh.

Degree results hasn't been Jacqkie-excellent so far but it hasn't sucked either. Okie, for my standard (whatever that means) it was just mediocre. Mark my words, I will try my very best to get excellent results in the coming papers and assignments. Frankly speaking, I don't settle for second best. I gave birth to that trait in me when I started Diploma, which I must say was another painful rat race.

For now, I have about a million and one things to do and I'm quite excited though hating the workload to work on the assignments. I admit I have this weird relationship with assignments, I like doing assignments but despise the deadline part of it, basically the ultimate reason…

I need two reverse 2 days

This has got to be the spookiest notice ever, like how can you be (-2) days left for evaluation?

Besides creepy pdf frinter stalking me, I'm all jolly tonight because I had an awesome day complete with awesome dinner, after an awesome movie! and some really, freaking awesome talk with sweets. I mean, how aweeesome is that? I sound like Ashton Kutcher.
Well, I'm few days left for my 2 weeks break, which means more work! Surprised? In university world, holidays means giving you the chance to finish your workload by not taking you away from it. Like, annoying theoretical reading, I'm not saying names but some researchers (KRESS AND VAN LEEUWEN with his other gangbangers) have this habit of developing new form of English. A twisted English.
And oh, I received a call from Mr. Indy that day asking me about proPassion Communications, and I was more than happy to tell him stuffs about that small consultancy! Abang's coming back from Cambodia tomorrow, and I will be back serving…

Yeay, you can still kepoh!

I just downed 2 red bulls.

From what you can see I've decided not to make my blog private because some close friends and family members prefers my blog's accessibility. Other than that, I hope whatever's in my blog stays in my blog (who am I kidding, people talk). Thank you!

There are few things I'd like to say before I start-off:

1. The world's getting hotter. PJ's getting hotter. My house is the hottest. no, seriously I sweat even in my lingerie.

2. I'm having a really bad headache thanks to UniSA. Dam right, this is exactly what I asked for when I saw it's 100% assignments course outline.

3. Has turned over a new leaf :)

4. Is glad, my blog is more than just a blog to some people!

Yes, I will answer you what the heck I've actually turned over, to make things easier I've learned to manoeuver relationships and friendships much better. Studies are okay, a little bit stressed I must admit and I HATE waking up early in the morning every single day. I fee…

No public Access

Friends, Lovers, Haters, Mothers, Aunties, Cousins, Uncles and Anonymouses... if there's such word : I'm changing my blog to private access, if there are no objections nor any complications.

Heads-up, you'll have to keep logging in to your email and send me your email address if you want to keep reading my blog. Tedious, irritating, I know. So please leave comment on the tag box on the right>> if you disagree on this, and I'll reconsider. Thank you :)
Oh, thanks for reading my blog publicly these past 2 years whoever/ wherever you people are.

Reason being, I want to make it more personal (OOOooo) and not be linked to any Google websites.. tell me what you think! :)
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Head somewhere!

I'm losing my head. No, seriously I was talking gibberish, I was imagining things and for goodness sake, I was still so sure about those things I talk about, eventhough I know it's not true. Things started to get messy last weekend when I fixated myself with something I thought would go that way as said, until it didn't and I started developing random thoughts about certain things.

I couldn't even begin to describe in proper words what I'm experiencing now. It's extremely strange, and I think it's solely because I've become a weird person now that I have been hanging around with sweets too much, and not with anyone else anymore. I mean that could be the only reason I could think of, and as much as I love spending countless of times with him (believe me, I seriously do) I think we both wants and most importantly, in need of each other. He's like my antidote and my pain, which makes senses but odd come to think about it.

I need females magazines now! I …