Orientation Day

Today was my first day of degree. Well it wasn't much actually, because all I did was sitting in a cold room, trying to make every bit of what the speaker says, sound funny. Just because. Oh, and I even renamed all my images in the phone. That's how bored I was.

Other than that, I met old and new friends today :) Super happy because I get to do a little bit of networking. Am I excited for a newer, bigger class? Yes and no. I'm not interested in big classes because my attention span would be lesser, but I'd get to listen to more random opinions, and definitely see more colours that gives life to a class. That is of course a plus point.

Life's been slightly difficult for me these past few days. I haven't done much talking to some people and I hope that things will get better in time. I couldn't help but feel tremendously guilty because I knew it was my fault that I got carried away. I'm trying to make things work now, but somehow I'm... Scared. Please God, let me overcome this because you know how I hate dramas in my life. Tell me what to do. Tell me.

The doctor is finally graduating. This August I will get to stand next to the doctor that God knows I've been proud of so much. It's time for him to finally get the well-deserved recognition he's working hard for. Most importantly, of all the doctors I've known in my life, he is by far has the most heart and passion for what he's doing. Something I admire the most in him.

Update: I overcame my fear. Everything is fine.

A whole day of orientation will take place again tomorrow, and yes I'm not coming. If my mum sees this, I'll probably get a lecture from her.

"But mummy, there will be talks of success in the future!"

and she'll say something like...

"Future? by going to the talk, you will probably then have one!"


Okay, I'm off to rest. I'm quite tired today.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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