New friendship

This feels good, right and most importantly comfortable. I can't help but telling myself that the history is too webby for us to explore, it should've just left it untouched. I got myself messed up when I know about the past, especially when I chose to believe whether the future will ever be any bit like the past. Then I met them,

I'm currently using sweets' computer for this post. After I'm done using it, I'm going upstairs to watch him and his brother Nolen, play PS2. To say that I'm happy that things has been going very well, it's safe to say that I'm loving every second of it. I love being an outsider, yet remained loved and cared for even though I have very little contact with them. I prefer my identity as someone who does not need to know so much about their lives, but yet they welcomed me with alot of love, it feels sweet. Sometimes, it's not who you treat, but why you did so.

My inspiration from this post came from a piece of paper, that expressed huge volume of love yet executed in the simplest manner. I almost cried reading, looking at it wondering how the sweetest gesture comes in the strangest action. It makes me feel good, loving and knowing every part of this family. It gives me big assurance of how my life would be if I believe in this path, because really, this family is something.

So I inhaled and exhaled, gave myself time to breathe steadily after reading it, flashback of my life tells me there's something I've been doing very right last time, that deserved me a beautiful set of another familial unit to adore. I feel, happy.

I believe in time, I shall have to play their current roles too, welcoming an outsider wanting to be loved and cared, in different ways yet with strong underline meanings. I shall keep the pleasure to myself for now, it gives me indescribable happiness

The happiness, the laughters, the companionship, the games, the jokes, the smiles, the ways, the invitation, the conversation, the love- so different yet so at beautiful, I can just sleep here now, loving their friendship, they gave me.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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