Laptop died

Dear friends, I am blogging from the office again, this time it's less cold and less work too. It's 5 minutes till I'm done for the day and I'm off to get sweets' birthday presents. The trick is, he's always there with me, including tonight. Will inform of you birthday details soon, dont worry!

I'm finding a way to look for his presents without him noticing it. Wish me luck guys! Oh yea, sadly to inform you all my laptop finally died few days back and I'm laptop-less now, rather entertainment less. I can't check my facebook, blog, basically I can't do alot of things. *sigh*

I hope to fix it soon, but I am way too busy with work myself. Argh. Okay, this post is sickly boring I know, just thought I'd update you guys bit by bit, whenever I can.

Oops, baby will be here soon. GTG.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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