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Good morning fellow friends whom I've quite been separated from these past few months, I'm finally done with my latest internship, something that I did for my own experience. To be honest, when I first started the whole thing it was something I hated, because as millions of my friends out there enjoying their holidays partying till morning or even wake up way too late that all they need to do is eat dinner and then sleep again, Well, I didn't work, I interned! Something youths nowadays don't really want to do for that cute amount of money.

Yeah. Expect the usual interns treatment, and of course the usual workload.

I'm actually trying to get myself a bit of a break until college starts. Working was (good lord, feels nice using 'was') so tiring, I felt like giving up half-way, but of course the stubborn headed Jacqkie wouldn't do that, so she didn't of course with ambitions that this training gets to teach her a thing or two.

I'm currently playing some online (*cough*dressup*cough*)with no reason. I just came back from ss2, after a good eat with sweets of course, and now I'm chilling, playing random games that are not suppose to make me think. Enough of thinking, I need retarded magazines, jokes that are timeless and weird games that will make me happy just by looking at the colour palletes. Really!

It's 1.29 AM now, and as I took my cup to drink some water to clear my hiccup my playlist started playing 'Silent Night'. I almost choked, and wondered shit it is a silent night. Gladly sleeping this late without worrying any shit, I'm still thinking of what to write. Seriously, it has been almost 2 hours I left my blogpost open and I'm still clueless of what to write.

Just to let everyone know, college is starting next week. Besides being excited being able to be with Audrey, Denise, Karen and some of my classmates again, I'm not too sure what to feel. Really. I mean should I be excited? Tired? Guess I shall be there to experience myself. An oh yes, down-under is yet to be confirmed :)

Things I've learned/gained from my experience:
1. The names of local celebrities (who is Datin and who looks like Datin)
2. Make drinks whenever you're bored is a good diversion
3. Start using words like 'Shit' and 'Crap' more often (refer above) when I'm stressed
4. Too much (male in the team) testosterone is not good for health

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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