Baby's Day

I wanted to do a lot more different things for you and with you since this is my first time celebrating your day, but I realized you're so much more than a celebration of a day..

It's funny how this is your special day but everytime these special occasions come near, it's as if I'm the one celebrating. If you must know, I didn't have much when I first came here, the only thing I had was my conscience. Slowly I met great people, amazing friendships, splendid companionship but there's always something missing. I would walk alone by myself after college to home, I would go to parties myself and what's worst I would eat dinner myself thinking, this is fine. Sure, it felt good to do things alone once in a while, but this is when these long lines make sense; I celebrated something more when you celebrate something else... YOU.

You're beautiful when you're most vulnerable, yet the hardest to be close with when you confine yourselves from things that bother you. You're like a book, something I fell hard from the first introduction but something I loved even more after reading who you are. You are selfless, you gave me so many things in life that I struggle so hard to understand, yet you believe in me, us even when the whole world doesn't. You shared with me a whole new level of love, a whole new way to love. You really did.

Dear baby, I have a million and one dreams, and I personally think you are the only dream that is evergreen. So today, everyone shall know that you're day is on the 8th of July! Remember baby, it's not just a birthday. It's YOUR day.

From my computer desk in the office (my laptop still haven't been fixed), despite everything:

Have a relaxing filled with sincere laughters birthday!

  • Keep away from anything depressing or whatever that will remind you of things that makes you sad
  • No frowns or I will squish your balls, and you know I dare to
  • No thinking of me first, you first!
  • No looking to the mirror and say 'baby, I'm damn fat la' or I will take all the food for the day and eat with Nolen and Anucia only
  • All your lame jokes will be appreciated highly today

last but never the least, I LOVE YOU and this one's not only for today but for every breath I take. *start puking people, go ahead*

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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