There is an option

It's hard to put this on this page, when millions around the world is still under this temptations' grip and peers' influences. It was never a dependent issue, it's a matter of being in denial, because you don't need it. No one does.

You've started young and every puff you take gives you the injected suffer you will discover in time. If you could save a dime to save someone's life, you would rather take yours than spare it with someone in need. Why? You would rather live with sheer sufferings planted on your shoulders soon enough for you to even finally breathe a fresher air, and most importantly to see and experience for yourself on proven facts that awaits you? You know you are breeding the silent killer, yet you breathes on the temporary relief still. Why?

What is it about this option in life that pulls you to where you are now? The fact that you're young? The fact that you live once? The fact that you are addicted? The fact that it's a form of escapism? Until the day that one person comes up to me without being in-denial of really what could be the positive reason this thing gives you or me, I shall have my two eyes, one mouth and two ears closed firmly for every opinion and reasons you might feed me with your strong need-of-one-puff emotions. I find it difficult to accept, why do you want to end up in statistics?

I cannot forsake anyone I love. I will therefore, strongly suggest each and everyone of you who is still under the influence of this, to sacrifice a little bit of your dignity, and quit it as it has been proven from the day it was invented to not have any gain. Particularly of health, monetary costs, appearances, and most importantly through the love of those you will live your life with, there is another option. To give it up, we are older, the future is nearer now, you can still fix it. No one said it was easy, but once you stand firm on the opposed highly respected decision, a million of hands will reach out to you. That, I believe.

Dear Aunty Yun, Wen, Jude and Josh, I was once in your shoes, but it's not a better feeling to be in my shoe now either. I am empathatic and I know this would be the biggest impact in your life. Your dad chose what he chose, and God created all four of you provided with the biggest courage and strength to overcome this. Lungs Cancer brought him to God, and it's the instrument that can be toss aside. Quits of here and there from time to time, never became a succesfull one and eventually he admitted defeat to the addiction alas today. He lived a good life, with beautiful lady and three intelligent and remarkable kids by his side, which I shall no longer elaborate as we all know, he still wanted to see you all grow to better adults. I shall pray for him and all three of you. May his soul Rest In Peace.

My dear rabid readers, I'm sharing with you what I think about this, that I have yet to answer myself why in the first place God created such temptations in life for his people? Is it to test our strength and those with bigger steps, and bolder skins that there is such thing as No? Is it to eliminate the weaklings one by one by challenging them on this game of death? I lost someone I respect and love in Christ, because of this, tell me, why should I accept this kill?

Do not pick one ever in your life while you can, because you will never know when you'll be hooked to it, and you'll never know which of your loved ones will chose that over you. What you do today will definitely see you tomorrow. This air you chose, will be the same air you wish you hadn't indulged in. It's no longer just a post for me, it's something I commit to, the rest is up to you...



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