of last day and daren's day

I remember reaching KL 2 years ago, with world's biggest excitement and spirit in me. I've always wanted to study somewhere further than my hometown, reason being, to learn more about this part of the world that I belonged to but never get to know, widen my scope of friends, and definitely, pursuing what I love.

When I first saw Redzuan Condominium, I was of course in an alienated mode, noticing the different colours and races I get to live with. I had mixed feelings. I was scared, but mostly excited. The day I get to experience something like this, like in the movies, finally came. Mum blessed this head of mine, and told me to take care.

So I did.

My roomates were two other chinese girls who were very friendly and helpful to me. They get me familiarize with what campus life was like, and most importantly welcomed me. I was satisfied with my roomates. In time, I changed roomates after roomates, housemates after housemates, and realized, people usually... goes back to their comfort zone. They moved with someone they are closer with and I conformed to this. I moved with my cousins after a year staying in Redzuan.

You and I both know best what college is, was like. It was basically the fundamental of what life's about to offer, and more. The opportunities to choose, and most importantly decide. The opportunities that's given, and to take more opportunities in return. To all the juniors or anyone of you who’s studying now, please, please make sure you make your parents’ money worth. Gain something from college, useful experiences and most importantly wisdom. TAKE OPPORTUNITIES!

I met amazing people which I will remember of life, and also those who taught me what perseverance really is. People are like jigsaws, you can’t expect every piece to go with another piece. But you know, it has somewhat made an impact in your completed jigsaw.

Yesterday marked the completed Diploma in Communication (2006), for me and my classmates. In whatever path you choose in life, all the best. You guys were a huge impact in my life.


Whatever happened yesterday was not funny at all. And yes I am a 50 year old grandmother who cant take this kinda joke for nuts, and it's not even a joke, at all for me. If ya'll want to know what happen, click here, Sway blogged about it. I've always avoided watching TV programme with shows showing stunts like these; Video Zonkers, MaxEx, whatevertypeofshowthatscarestheshitoutof me, what more seeing it with my own eyes- that person I care and love the most falling on the ground- purpled. I was in a serious trauma after that, and that image of him looking helpless haunt me every second. I was shivering after that incident and I felt completely useless. I should have never let him do it. I'd give up anything not to see him hurt, anything.

Just put yourself in my shoe. Call me kan-cheong, drama queen, "not fun", and ask me to chill, I dont give shit, I really don't know how to put my feelings into words about this...

To all my KK friends, a bunch of rockstars and special someone a.k.a my bestfriends and *refer picture above* from college will come and rock KK! They will be staying at my place for about 2 weeks, so please welcome them with all the warmness and love Sabah can give them. You guys know best how to do it! Beh, Calyn, Kerry, Audrey, Sway and Baby: CANT WAIT!



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