Happy Belated Mother's Day!

To the woman who've shed every sweat, blood and tears in bringing us to where we are,
To the woman who embodies the ultimate kindness and care in the world that I adore,
To the woman who tutors me about life, and injects in me realitism for every decision I make,
To the woman who introduced me sufferings and what we are with or without it,
To the woman who believed in what I am able to do, and pushed me to what I can do,
To the woman who cared so much about her three- it's beautiful,
To the woman who let us learn about life the way we should- the hard but supported way,
I love you.

To the woman who gave us food on the table everyday,
To the woman who would knock all three doors at the same time every morning without fail,
To the woman who would ask us to represent ourselves at our best just because it's important for out future- not hers,
To the woman who gave us daily health tips as to show us that she's still there 'cause she practiced what she preached,
To the father, the accountant, the advisor, the gardener, the cook, the driver, the sewer, the cleaner, the teacher, the listener, the banker, the boss, the doctor, the nurse and the list just goes on. You're everything and more.

I bet you'd think I forgot about this, but no because I love you. You are right, Mothers are Angels in Training.



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