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India Arie-Purify Me

I studied the whole weekend so don't give me that look. I got bored, and hungry, so I decided to blog. I'm laughing my brains out watching Ty Barnett on youtube, and man that guy got some serious jokes. You guys should really check him out. Like, seriously.

My brother came over for the weekend, with iPod touch in his hand, which yes, I was in a caveman mode playing with it when he shoved it to me. These canggih things are way too cool for me- by the time I know how to use it, it sure will be outdated already.

Knowing that Man U vs Chelsea will play at 7.30pm last night, I reminded my brother about it, being the sweet guy he is, he told me it's okay that he'll miss the first few minutes of the game to teman me for dinner. So I separated with him after reaching MidValley, couple of minutes later I saw a familiar guy standing witha bunch of other men outside Chillis completely ignorant of the world around them, got their senses locked to the TV Screen.

Abang: SHIT. I just realized not watching this match makes me feel so incomplete!
Me: I teman you here?
Abang: Let's eat in Chillis!
Me: *raised both eyebrows* (counting in my head the amount of money I have in purse)
Abang: *eyes on TV*
Me: ....*went in and booked a place for us* (still counting...)

So the bugger was so happy he got to watch his football, and I swear to God I'm beginning to fear watching football in crowd. I mean, male crowds. Whatever that means. They can be so loud and crude, particularly my brother when his team scored. Watching football, however, miraculously gets him full easier, and can even make him lose his appetite. Correct anot?

Baby and I had our first cook-in that day, and eventhough we weren't any Jamie Olivers, we both did great. Come to think about it, I dont know why I'm showing you guys what we cooked. *makes thinking face* Oh well.

Assuming I didn't get the Bali thingy, I'm quite happy I didnt get it actually. The event does sound cool, tooooo cool it's scary. What's most awesome about it, it's that I don't have to worry much about my tickets back to Sabah anymore. Everything's fine now. Wee!

I will work these few months. I am not sure as what or where yet, but I think I will, maybe a part-timer. I will ask from mummy for a gym membership as well, and maybe finally drag her to the showrooms. Abang bought a flat 32inch for his house in JB and I cant wait to see my mum's reaction when she finds out. It should be priceless. Or someone will die. *touches wood*

I had Indo-Mee for dinner, and am physically, mentally, spiritually whatever in that category basically, not enthusiast of studying. Finally, my organizer is very much empty for the month of May. I swear, I never thought this day would come that I can actually say, I'm not busy. Having the inability to descriptively define to my closest loved ones what my busy really means, sucks sometimes.

Even worse, I don't really want to chase rainbows for the rest of my life, when my rainbows are already here with me. How?



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