Them elderlys are here

The elderlys are here. My aunts and an uncle reached KL last Tuesday, and everything else is fine, except, work, sick (bad-bad throat, too much... heaty food) and keyboard's finally showing the virus-ed symptoms. Yup, I can't use my left shift key, tab and caps lock. I get occasional funky windows popping out on the computer screen and most importantly it does not detect thumbrives most of the time. The virus has finally danced around.

Other than my physical stuffs bailed on me most of the time, everything else seem normally okay. I should be done with this Thursday and I can't wait to shake that Diploma off from me. Back in high school I never thought I would actually have to use my brain for college. You know, the glitz and glamour of how a private college would promise you kinda tricked me la. (Booze, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom... Freedom...) As a matter of fact, I realized I love using this brain of mine. I'm amazed at how much I can be in love with knowledge or wisdom, that it surprises me some times, and definitely annoys me most of the time.

So I was listening to my playlist quite loudly in my room with my auntie in the room with me that day:

Nickelback's Rockstar- "The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap, We'll all stay skinny and we just wont eat!"

*she glanced at me* *I smiled shyly*

Okay, okay. Next song.

Nirvana's Cocaine Girl- "It makes me lose control, it makes me go insane, I wanna a girl that does cocaine!!"

*another glance* *closed my eyes- "smiled shyly" again*

OKAY. Change another song...

Al Green's Unchained Melody

*a nod* *phew*

Next Song. "Aaaah, Aaaah" (orgasmic sound- Nore Put Em Up)

*press stop- stop- STOP!, switch off*

"Jacqkie, apa punya lagu you listen to lah, all evil and drugs."

The whole week's been busy, I reckon it should be busier by Thursday. Sweets have been delightfully nice to teman me everywhere helping me with my work. You know when you're very much into someone that it takes absolutely nothing else or anyone to cut yourself from him? Well, that's me. I would drag sweets anywhere I go, he's like the cutest puppy I never had. I mean, ahem, man.

See, told you right?

Baby helped me with the styrofoam today and found a new toy he liked. The Styrofoam cutter! (whatelse can you find) And he was so adorable!

"Baby, baby, try and touch the wire, you can actually feel the 'electricity'"

As usual, I tried to layan him with a little bit of sense in me (left), and tried somethings he suggested except, of course touching the wire that cuts the styrofoam, because well, let's face it, someone has to be the sane one or else.

Sunday I had to go to Amcorp Mall, had to, and no, it's not thaaaat bad, to get a tea for my aunty. Being the Jenius, me and sweets both forgot (completely, mind you) about the tea that I promised to buy for her. So being the paranoid freak I am, I went back and got the tea, almost immediately I remembered about it. I got myself another book (jump ups and down!), and went to Sunway to join my aunties and uncles, only to find out I have to go back with a bus that comes after almost 45minutes waiting for it. I

I'm torn apart between working or going to gym for the past three months I'll be free until degree. What say you?



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