Happy Birthday Shaneil

Dear Shaneil,

I'm so sorry, we couldn't make it for your birthday but we bet you had tons of fun with your closest friends that night and on your birth-day, regardless. Daren and I were also apart of the surprise *grins* and yes, I acted on the 'pretending-not-knowing-who's-birthday-it-was' as well. Thank God, it was online, I would have sucked lying to your face.

Daren and I went to Klang Saturday before the party purposely to just marinade the chicken (how was it anyway?) just for you and Denise! :) I remembered once, you told me that no one really remembered your birthday, and now, that 'statement' is no longer valid okay :)

Sorry this had to happened on your birth-day but I had to take care of poor Daren, and let's just say- we were 'adviced' by his mum not to go out that night. Only God knows, how apologetic and bad we felt for not being able to come to your birthday. TGIF? Seriously!!!!!!!!

To Denise, your awesome for doing such a sweet thing to Shaneil. You really are. P/S: Please don't marah me for using this pic, your bum looks good anyway! Hehe.

Happy Belated 20th Birthday Shaneil! :)



DeGiRL said…
Hahah! Thanks so so much babe! Don't worry, I made sure Shaneil knew you guys were a big part of this and conveyed your wishes and surprises to him. ;)

Thanks so much for all the hlep and the keeping the party a secret.. :) hahah! shaneil and I totally understood your reason for not coming and we're not angry at all. :) Actually glad that Daren and you are ok.

And as long as you think my butt looks good, it looks good. :)
Hugs! Muah!
Jacqkie! said…
de: wee! glad he liked the surprise birthday. anyway daren's much better that now. it was that day that he got really bad. :)

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