Stop playing that song!

I cannot believe I'm actually falling for the song Teardrops on my Guitar. WTF.

I hate it when this happen, you know when you're confident you will not ever in your living years like that song (not that you'd hate it, you just wont like it), and when you do- you feel like biting your ears to stop yourself from re-playing that song.

Had a presentation today on Interpersonal Attraction and you know what, it's true, pretty people usually gets their way. Most of the time, pretty people are welcome more then them not so pretty people. What the hell am I talking, I dont even know the definition of pretty in this context.

Alvin's 20th Birthday (Ash's camera)

I feel very sad that pretty people stick to their kind or even so- gets the final say of who's not pretty and who is.

Confidence is like a bitchy roller coaster- it can go up anytime, worst case- goes down when you least want it. It kills your mood, it sucks rationality from you, worst- it stops you from moving forward. Suddenly, you take note of what you have and what you dont have, suddenly, you come up with crazy ideas and suddenly, you're unhappy for no apparent reason, you're feeling the lowest of lowest.

It's okay that everyone is different in skin colour, shapes, and sizes. It's we people who cant stop scrutinizing these things are those we should avoid of. Right? No? Yes?

You're right, when some mindsets change, some just stay stagnant- still. So no difference.

HOLY COW, I tilted my head trying to see what my cousin's watching and I saw a super white fugly bleeding girl crawling to the bed. Can people stop making such movies, ah?

"Omg, I'll slap your brain arh!"



The Soundaholic said…
Hey sweetheart!

:( Confidence can be a real bitch sometimes, tell me about it.

Being here, skin color does matter I suppose and it sucks when you're discriminated because of it.

*hugs you*

Missing you much.

email for facebook - bethskiboo at gmail dot com. :)

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