So who you're voting la?

I shoved nasi campur, McD's Ice Cream, specifically Peanut Butter + Chocolate Waffles, Fries, Van Houten's Chocolate, Bubble Teas, Neslo Panas, Neslo Ais, more Neslo Panas, fried chicken, roti telur, curry puffs...

OMG. These few days have been radical. Not only have I been eating tons of funny food, I've also been doing some crazy things a.k.a rock climbing and not "sleeping at night by 11PM". I bet you, if I keep up with rock climbing every week I'm going to look like one of the Williams, Serena or Venus- your pick? But then again, with the rate I'm going with the food, I may just stuck this way. *makes angry face*

The doctor came last Friday to drop his things in my place before he's off to Johor. He gave me his matress, his (gilerbabisexynakmampus) black couch, collecting-dust guitar (yes, I was surprised too) and my all time favourite, his KITE. I must bold that word! When me and sweets saw it, I swear, we thought it was an IMU's Club flag, but laughed in disbelief when figured out it was a kite! I'm still wondering where a 23 year old boy would play with his kite there in Seremban. Enlighten me people.

Oh my mattress is about 20CM high now, added on top of my brother's, I feel like the Princess and the Pea, and my room looks exactly like a store-room but with speakers and springy bed. The sexy couch was stolen from me, and I had to take the old couch instead as a replacement. Grrr.

*looks at the couch*

My room is a store-room..........

I haven't wash my clothes, I havent finish up on Sedaris', I haven't clean up my room, I need to sleep more, talk to MAZIDAH, clubbing, and last but not least, watch more TV. This is serious, gratifications of media use are wiping out by the day. *sigh

Sweets is starting his boney-hard-ass uni tomorrow, I wish him all the best! :)



The Soundaholic said…
Awww! Jacqkie!!!!

I will call you this weekend (I hope I have time!) Been pretty busy with school I have lectures from 8 to 5 almost daily and I have an hour break every day. Isn't that crazy???

How have you beeeeeeeeen??


I hope you're alright and having tonnes of fun!!!


Lots of love,

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