Just 'cause, I'm free

I woke up at about 10.30AM or so and had Honey Stars for breakfast.

I looked around. I knew I'd be dead bored in the mornings, so I decided on Internet and goes back to sleep after that.

....I took the LRT to somewhere uncertain. I know I reached the place after 15 mins in the train. The place was windy, full of trees and as if it was coloured with pencil. It looked abit like a drawing you'd see in a gallery. I wasn't alone yet felt I was, there were no familiar faces at all.

Out of nowhere came a man with a funny expression on his face;

"Who wants to answer the next question?"
I was like "WTF?"
"Name me one type of a Monkey's Breed?"


With confidence, pure randomness and insanity- I friggin answered him "PUAKA!"

I felt like bitch-slapping my brain, due to my random answer. OMG. Then I saw, this one familiar face, a Malaysian actor (Mohd Idham, I think), giving me the "I believe in you.." look which I thought was unbelivably random as well, and screamed louder, "PUAKA!!!!"

The quizmaster pointed at me and said "Correct!"

My Counting Crows' ringtone woke me up, and scared the random shit out of me. I'm thinking, why the hell would I be dreaming about Monkeys, more over quizzes about them. Shitty random, I think I miss sweetsla.


Carol & I last Thursday before Maison.

Kerry: "You know what, I have a new rule, Jacqkie should only wear turtle necks to clubs!"



-[sweei]- said…
omg, for a moment there i thought you were going to answer his question with "Dongkey Kong"!...hehe..puaka!
Grace Oon said…
OMG you n Carol look so alike :D
Grace Oon said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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