I'm in KK

It started off with the Bazaar that proPassion Communications did last Tuesday and Wednesday. I swear to God, everyone did so awesome; everyone should be given a sponsored whole body massage. Seriously! This is what I had to do for two days:

“Hey, have you heard about proPassion Communications?”
“Okay! Now, I’m going to give you a lec…”

The guy walks away.

I’m beginning to bore my readers with my non-visual aids posts.

But what sweets did last Tuesday was too cute it’s a waste not to help you to imagine it. He joined a biting, I repeat, biting- an apple competition, and ended up winning first. I saw the crowd (…err, mine and his friends actually) rooting over him, cursed myself for not being able to join him, overjoyed when saw he won and got scared when heard, he took the competition a little bit too seriously that he swallowed the big-ass apple’s seed as well.

“…after I swallowed it kan, then I realized I feel a bit the funny la baby.”

I wanted to make the “You think?!” face with a little bit of the ghetto attitude but couldn’t because it was too funny and too cute to not appreciate it.

I’m sorry my posts have always been about him, it’s just most of my time now is spent with him. Seriously, I bet even my friends are secretly, okay… openly, disgusted at how infatuated we are with each other.

7.10-8.00: Breakfast & Friends & Sweets
9.45 (Class’ Transition): Sweets
12.00: Lunch & Friends & Sweets
3.00 (Class Transition): Sweets
5.00-10.00: Sweets
11.00-12.00 (In a call): Sweets

See, I told you.

I have yet to tell you guys about proPassion Communications. It’s a student’s consultancy and our semester is the starting line of the consultancy. Yes, we will have our own office, and yes, we will have real clients, and yes, we will have our own website linked by Taylor’s College’s main webpage. The management team will change after each term, but will still be completely run by the students themselves. Here, http://www.propassion.blogspot.com/.

I’m not a huge fan of politics, but honestly, Malaysian Politics nowadays rocked more than celebrity gossips okay.

They’re so juicy and so ironic at times, you just feel like making an E! alike magazine out of it, particularly this country’s assemblymen. And I mean all, not an ass from any different party can escape here. You guys really make news worth watching la.

And a miraculous thing happened; I’ve switched to Public Bus to go to college! *the Halleluyah song as background* I can take any kinds of public transport, except for bus but not anymore! Because who else, taught me how to. I’ve always thought public buses are the ride to afterlife. They drive so fast, stopped so abruptly and I bet you, if you’re one blur girl like… some people, you’d sure be rolling on the floor and there goes youth. That’s why I was scared. To save, RM140++, I’ll sacrifice myself.

Semester’s ending in a month’s time, and we will disperse to different places after that. Oh shit la, I’m so going to miss you guys.

I'm in KK now, the bugger's gonna wake up early in the morning for college, I miss him already.

*stomping feet like a 5 year old* AHHHH.



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