to cny

Chinese New Year's just few days away, and my skin betrayed me at this perfect time.

Pimple-licious? Shit. I really couldnt find no scientific explaination for my over-crowded face. I'm down with tons of work, and I'm still head over heels with the boyfriend. He surprised me today in the morning, saying he wont come to college, when I sat there in Mamak, thinking, roti telur and neslo panas gonna taste just like breakfast today without him. and then the hero came from behind me with that huge smile I love so much on his face.

I got so excited and happy, I totally ignored the roti telur and neslo panas served on the table. Honestly, he's a million times more interesting than the food :)

Was involved in Pei's birthday party the other night. I helped a bit, and the most I remembered was blowing balloons. and food. and a joker name Alex. and sweets' talent on making mini balloons out of the big one. one thing's kinky for sure, my baby sure can blow too. it was a surprise birthday party, and i tell you, I'm scared of in-the-dark-surprise birthday parties. It sure does sound interesting, but I'm just scared that the birthday girl/ boy will freaking do some karate shit if we scare them, instead of surprising them. Thank God, that didn't happen.

Saturday was Peter's turn to get wasted for his 21st. One thing's for sure, Bukit Antarabangsa is like a whole new world to me, and to sweets too. I didnt know the one small road, with the weeny sign leads to this huge petempatan, with their own Giant and Mamak with WiFi in it. How cool is that?

I need to blardy clean my room before chinese new year. stephie sweetheart is gonna come down from Pahang, and I'm not letting her sleep in my (currently) fugly room. she's gonna need some febreze and maybe inhaler to stay alive for just one night in my room. that's how serious it has become.

remember the decomposing bed I told you previously? It died. It broke into half while sweets and I were layaning Bon Jovi's Always. It was quite funny actually, felt like the bed couldn't tahan our singing anymore- that it just gave up on us. Were we really that bad sweets?

After three months spending endless quality time with it, I should have a new new year's resolution: to not tease donkey kong that much anymore. one day, he'd freaking carry me and toss me to the sky or something. next thing you know, I'd be back in Sabah or am drowning somewhere in South China Sea. matilah saya.

Oh, for the record, I'm blardy broke too.



The Soundaholic said…
I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehee will be in Subang soon...

for us to have some fun!

hope you're okay!
Jacqkie! said…
you come here back asap woman.

we need to see each other and update! :)

Love you.

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