Thank God.

I couldn't thank these people enough for welcoming me to their working life, trusting me with the jobs assigned and most remembered- sharing with me their friendship. It's been bittersweet and I'm glad I worked with all of you.

Thank you Anis, Ayu, Idayu, Liyana, Sugee, Peter & Edward! :)

L-R: Liyana, Sugee & Peter. (Ignore my steal-the-thunder pose)
L-R: Anis (SM), Ayu, Sugee, Liyana, Peter.

But, I'm freaking darn happy too, that all of these will be over soon. It's time to go back to college. Sometimes I really do wonder how in goodness gracious world can one do their industrial training for 6 if-this-were-to-happen-to-me-I-will-kill-myself freaking months.

I will share with you guys what I've been doing these two months inside that tall building you see so often.

Have I ever OT'd? A couple of times, but not by much either. I'll usually reach office by 8.30am and if I dont meet up with sweets after work, the earliest I can reach home is by 5.30pm. It's safe to say, I've only OTd a couple of times. Yes, you can give me the envy look now my classmates.

Have I ever spent the whole 9 hours infront of the computer "working"?
Confession, 90% of the time in the office was spent browsing the internet (cough*facebook*cough), okay maybe 60% lah, I'm not that bad. The rest of the remaining hours? Well, that would be the trying-to-look-busy hours.

So what the heaven am I doing there actually? Thanks for asking! (Technica-sadly, I just asked myself didn't I?) Anyway, with only one specified task assigned to me, which was to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey by making tons of phone calls- other than that, I can be leveled with the Fishermen. We share the common schedule of having tons of time to sleep, while working!

Besides the really productive research, (I'm not being sarcastic, it really was productive!, believe me!), I assisted Anis, Ayu, Idayu & Sugee on any of the company's internal events. And even attended my new friend; Sugee's beautiful wedding!

All in all, I must admit, there are times when the days seem to move slow, but more often than not, they were Slower.

Exceptions of those days when I have to call the customers every single minute, customer after customer, and to record down feedback after feedback, those days I admit were fun. Although occasionally, when I cant reach these big shots, entertaining myself to their waiting tones was always a good reason for me not to curse the phone, after the attempts. Some even have rap songs for their caller tunes! How can you not be cooled down by that?

So what do I really feel about this experience?
Something I will not do. AGAIN. Waking up early every morning and pretending to look busy is definitely worth more than a few hundreds, kan classmates? But then again, having no diploma certificate "yet" and blessed with this greedy attitude- I guess few hundreds is great enough to be thrown on my face after doing everything what was told to do.

Yeah, that's just about it. Ask me personally if anything. Wait, there's something else:


OH, FORK, I forgot about the 25 pages report!



The Soundaholic said…
*slaps head*

25 pages after all that! Wallauweh!!!

That's plenty babe!

:D I suppose you're busy now college has started... ;)

Missing you loads, will find time for you :P

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