I'll be 20?

At the end of the year, it's not about what happened. It's how you feel towards those things that happened.

These were my last year's resolutions. Come to think about it, it looks like I will never ever escape from these self-evaluation resolutions. In the name of "better-ing" myself, I find this exercise inevitable.

2007's resolutions:

a) STUDIES. nothing else comes first than my studies this year:
I really did dedicated myself last year to my studies. I was never last minute, I was always punctual, I disciplined myself to a bed-time, I read as much books as I can, I tried not to loiter around and most importantly; library, labs and the media hubs were my office. *wink* I like the nerdy me. I do.

b) less SHOPPING.
*pretending not to see this* I admit, I failed this one.

c) keep my friends close and ignore the enemies. Like totally!
I like living in a nutshell. I dont give two-shits of those who would bring me down or not appreciative of my contribution. I dont like having the idea of having my enemies closer. Let them live their lives, and let me live mine. Unfortunately, that didn't happened this year. I breathed their breath. I walked their paths. How the hell can I run from them? So I failed this one too.

d) make more friends. make big connection, it's always helpful!
I did make more friends. But I like to believe that I can be secluded from other people when I want too. I'm not so much into getting attention. But I did inevitably make more friends along the way. Weee!

e) lie only when necessary.
I practiced this everyday, shame on you for not doing the same thing. 'nuff said.

f) take care of my Body, keep healthy.
For the 18th million times, I did not went on a diet-frenzy. I DID NOT. I just cut-down on fries, junk foods, carbonated drinks, roti-canais etc etc. I'm still having my normal meal of rice and dishes and of course, booze. If you really wanna know, I lost 5 kgs this year after checking with my not-so-reliable weighing machine last monday.

g) keep my mouth SHUT if there's nothing GOOD to say.
and so I did. shits replied with a shit will cause bigger shits. I better keep mean things to myself.

h) less gossiping.
I failed this one miserably. Although I wasn't the sender of all the news and gossips, I've turned into a very enthusiast gossips end-receiver! I've accepted the fact that I'm only human and it's not wrong if I knew about them hot stories as long as I keep it to myself after that. Can someone please agree with the in-denial-me on this?

i) choose the chances given and grab them, never to grab all.
And I did.

j) have fun living!
Yes & No. I did stuck my nose to the books all the time and I do admit that my pocket money turned into a lifetime saving for not going out often, but I had my occasional entertainments, which involved close acquaintainces which I love most. I believed in too much of a good thing is also not a good thing. Keep it balanced baby!

Dont worry, will ask Magic 8 Ball whether this year will be better.



The Soundaholic said…

Okay I'm so enjoying this. If you must know, I read your blog from the most recent post down to the ones I haven't read yet. AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER!

Which if you look from another angle, you're getting less funny by the day???Hmm... nahh... kidding! :P

hehehe. Shit replied by shit makes bigger shit. HAHAHHA. That was good.

And babe, gossiping is inevitable. Listening to hot gossip is fun! Not listening to hot gossip is a waste :P

But then I might be wrong :P:P

Hahaha. Love you babe!

Beth ;)
Jacqkie! said…
Babe, you're such a loyal reader, I WUV you!

I know, but shits replied to a shit do make bigger shits!

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