This is an inside joke. Now I know who is or even what is Donkey Kong. Promise me you'll do this act next time okay?

It's a Saturday night, and I'm blogging.

It's a sin actually to update your blog 3 (freaking-you're-really-lifelesslah-Jacqkie) times in 2 days. I know. Spare the teasing when I see you in college, as I'm freaking excited to meet all my collegemates (most of you rabid readers) again. I miss getting busy at times, but most importantly, I miss those buggers I have to see so often.

They always manage to make and ruin my day at the same time.

Something really embarassing happened today, thanks to my brother who never learn to call me at least 5 hours before coming to house. My brother met Daren already. Abruptly. Honestly speaking, my brother's the scariest person by far I'd introduce anyone to. He may be one of my nicest man on earth, but he can be judgemental at times, in the name of "being protective". But he didn't say anything about Daren, I'm sure he'll like him if he finally gets the chance to know him.

I was counting something on a piece of paper (yes, mind you, i'm still living 10years back) in the office last Friday when my colleague came up to me;

"Eh, so funnylah you, It's like you're counting the days you'll finally be out from prison kinda thing."
"....But, but, but, I am!!"

Left four more days. Empat hari lagi. Four more friggin days. I will miss Anis, Sugee, Idayu, Ayu, Peter & Edward for sho' as they're by far, among the nicest bunch of work-mates I've ever had, eh too fast, have. Will introduce you guys to them virtually on the next post because I left my thumbdrive containing all the "sort-of" important stuffs in the office.

On a serious note, I really really need to bring my laptop for a fix. It's falling apart, I can hear some crack sounds, and being in-denial would not help keep-it-together. I'm scared it'll break to half when I'm busy with my work for next semester. I guess that's when I'll realized it really should be fixed, no?

I finally met up with Carol after so many months not spending quality time with her. I miss you babe, I really do. We fought the shopping temptations but ended up with Donuts and Ice-blended. Very healthy to start the year. She came up with something rather interesting;

"I'm sorry God, I made Jacqkie skipped church this week, Amen!"
"Hahahah, you can do that meh?"
"Yeah, cause God is very nice, he is very forgiving!"

That does make sense right?

Yes it's the picture both of us uploaded in Facebook, as our primary picture, and dont give me that bored look because your smile is so much better looking than your frown.

Is it just me or does love songs make more sense now?

Oh wait, IT IS just me. *giggles* I better leave now before someone whack me.



The Soundaholic said…


I so have to see you one of these days... Tuesday sounds great but seriously if anything comes up will buzz you ASAP.

And hehehe, hope you have fun during your last days at work! I know I did! :P

Good luck babe!
Jacqkie! said…
-[sweei]- said…
hahahhaa, i love that last part about love songs making more sense now...


*smacks you*

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