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to cny

Chinese New Year's just few days away, and my skin betrayed me at this perfect time.

Pimple-licious? Shit. I really couldnt find no scientific explaination for my over-crowded face. I'm down with tons of work, and I'm still head over heels with the boyfriend. He surprised me today in the morning, saying he wont come to college, when I sat there in Mamak, thinking, roti telur and neslo panas gonna taste just like breakfast today without him. and then the hero came from behind me with that huge smile I love so much on his face.

I got so excited and happy, I totally ignored the roti telur and neslo panas served on the table. Honestly, he's a million times more interesting than the food :)

Was involved in Pei's birthday party the other night. I helped a bit, and the most I remembered was blowing balloons. and food. and a joker name Alex. and sweets' talent on making mini balloons out of the big one. one thing's kinky for sure, my baby sure can blow too. it was a …


Somehow or rather I dont want to blog about PD anymore. I lost my thumbdrive, and lost all the pictures I've editted. I have no mood, and I suggest you click on Sway Lai's link if you want to read about PD. I'll blog about something else.

These past few weeks have been stressful. From work, to life, to health. *sigh*

It's funny how one person can be in the same age as yours, but a million miles away different from your thinking. I just realized what differentiates people is the conscience, not what's spoken, or so thought was spoke of or even the age.

A 19 year old like me shouldn't be thinking about life this way, in fact I should just not look at life in general, and just walk blindly on the road with no expectations. It really is always better that way. Less hassle, less complicated. and definitely spontaneous.

But, I've thought long and hard about life. About how I wish it wouldn't be so complicated. How I wish I could have just grown like any other 19y…

Thank God.

I couldn't thank these people enough for welcoming me to their working life, trusting me with the jobs assigned and most remembered- sharing with me their friendship. It's been bittersweet and I'm glad I worked with all of you.

Thank you Anis, Ayu, Idayu, Liyana, Sugee, Peter & Edward! :)

L-R: Liyana, Sugee & Peter. (Ignore my steal-the-thunder pose)
L-R: Anis (SM), Ayu, Sugee, Liyana, Peter.

But, I'm freaking darn happy too, that all of these will be over soon. It's time to go back to college. Sometimes I really do wonder how in goodness gracious world can one do their industrial training for 6 if-this-were-to-happen-to-me-I-will-kill-myself freaking months.
I will share with you guys what I've been doing these two months inside that tall building you see so often.
Have I ever OT'd? A couple of times, but not by much either. I'll usually reach office by 8.30am and if I dont meet up with sweets after work, the earliest I can reach home is by 5.30pm.…


This is an inside joke. Now I know who is or even what isDonkey Kong. Promise me you'll do this act next time okay?

It's a Saturday night, and I'm blogging.

It's a sin actually to update your blog 3 (freaking-you're-really-lifelesslah-Jacqkie) times in 2 days. I know. Spare the teasing when I see you in college, as I'm freaking excited to meet all my collegemates (most of you rabid readers) again. I miss getting busy at times, but most importantly, I miss those buggers I have to see so often.

They always manage to make and ruin my day at the same time.
Something really embarassing happened today, thanks to my brother who never learn to call me at least 5 hours before coming to house. My brother met Daren already. Abruptly. Honestly speaking, my brother's the scariest person by far I'd introduce anyone to. He may be one of my nicest man on earth, but he can be judgemental at times, in the name of "being protective". But he didn't say anything a…




Libra woman mostly has an egg oval facial shape. She has a nice smooth skin
and a good figure. She will spent so much efforts to keep her skin clean and
pretty. She can be easily allergy to cosmetic and make up, but taken care of
her face and avoid wrinkle is her hobby. She is good at it and tend to look
younger than her age.

She can be very naughty like a little boy, but yet fully 100% woman (???). She
looks nice in either Jean (who?) or night gown. She thinks woman is equal to man. Sometimes she can think faster than you, but she will not leave you far behind (hmm). She will try not to make you feel like you are competed or defeated in any games she plays with you even she is winning.

She is a little flirt ( I wonder how little)even she has no idea what she wants. She cannot decide what to do, and what not to do, so she can not set her schedule (???)very well in all cases.

She is gifted with h…

I'll be 20?

At the end of the year, it's not about what happened. It's how you feel towards those things that happened.

These were my last year's resolutions. Come to think about it, it looks like I will never ever escape from these self-evaluation resolutions. In the name of "better-ing" myself, I find this exercise inevitable.

2007's resolutions:

a) STUDIES. nothing else comes first than my studies this year:
I really did dedicated myself last year to my studies. I was never last minute, I was always punctual, I disciplined myself to a bed-time, I read as much books as I can, I tried not to loiter around and most importantly; library, labs and the media hubs were my office. *wink* I like the nerdy me. I do.

b) less SHOPPING.
*pretending not to see this* I admit, I failed this one.

c) keep my friends close and ignore the enemies. Like totally!
I like living in a nutshell. I dont give two-shits of those who would bring me down or not appreciative of my contribution. I dont like …


I tossed away Love's treacherous terrain. Too many dialogues, I got bored halfway reading as a third person in one's conversation.

Remember my hopes of someone abducting my slavemaster on Monday? *sinister laugh*

Something less evil happened (darn it); she got sick. Apparently her voice was croaking when she called my colleague. So my work's extended to Wednesday. I got so excited that she's not coming in on Monday, I completely ignored the left-overs of my work. And now i'm back to where I stopped. BUGGER; I should stop believing in miracles!! *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I had my first Starbucks in months.

Me: I'm avoiding caffeine, thats why I stopped going Starbucks or Coffee Beans. They're actually just some overcharged Nescafes you know. *while sipping Nescafe*
Jenny: I wonder what "avoiding" and "caffeine" means to you.


1) Family (…