Two days!

I cant believe Christmas is just around the corner. Usually at this time around, I would already be all jumpy and excited for Christmas but it's somewhat dull this year. I know that my Chrismassy mood would escalate drastically when I meet up with my family, so now, I'm just waiting for my reasons of living to come down to KL and will spend lots of quality time with them. I miss them, terribly. I really do.

Oh if you're wondering why I have all these funny Christmas images, I have one thing to share with you guys. I personally think Christian/ Christmas jokes and humors are the best. Not the racist jokes, or those proffesion mockings, but Christian jokes yo! I can actually google for it everyday and laugh by myself reading or looking at those pictures, I know, I can be very lifeless at times.

If you remember any part of my previous posts where I talked about my health, just so you know, things actually got worst. My knee caps would be in pain on a regular basis and my whole body gets cold very easily. I have occasional back aches which doesn't allow me to sit-up for so long which leaves me to only one fun activity to do: resting on my back- on my bed. "WOHOO!"

...I feel like an old woman.

What I really loathe about trips and vacations, it would definitely be the whole pre-vacation arrangements. I'm talking about those annoying ticketing and bookings you should make before going on these vacations. Those tons of phone calls you need to make to clarify the bookings and of course make good considerations out of it. Dear God, at this time around where I know you'd really be around (giggles), please let us reach Singapore and reach back in PJ, all of us in one piece, please.

I'm pumped up excited that the evil knievel mummy and bugger jessy would be around in two days time. I need to clean up my room and prepare the beddings for those much more important people to sleep on, with me definitely NOT being one of them. Some of you might know that my house is "cute" where extra room-spaces are considered precious. The last desperate measure would be squeezing my sister to sleep on the same couch (which is also made for elfs I think) with me, as both of us refused to sleep on the floor but prioritized the elderly. Oh well, we'll leave that to critical thinking only when they're here shall we? There's always the lawn right? :D

After going downtown with sweets to buy the bus tickets to Singapore, I told mum to book the hotel as soon as possible since we got the tickets already. This is what I got:

Me: Mummy, how's the hotel booking coming along?
Mummy: I dont know lah girl, worst come to worst we'd have to be like Baby Jesus and sleep in a manger! *laughs to herself*
Me: MUMMY, IT'S NOT FUNNY! *...but i was actually trying hard not to laughlah*

Till then, wait for more updates but I'm pretty excited of leaving my laptop here at home for Singapore. Like I said, laptops should be avoided at this festive season. Have a happy holiday.



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