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I just got back from Singapore, and yes everyone’s home, safe and sound, one piece.

Unfortunately, not all of me; I lost my handphone.

It may sound funny when it happened to you for the second time, but it's no more funny when it happened to you for the 18th billion times. Really, I'm so disappointed at myself, it's seriously unacceptable.

Well, this is what happened:

We reached Singapore's Immigration at about 3pm. I was woken up by my sis, everyone was rushing down to go get all the immigration needs done, I waited for everyone to get down and I was the last one to leave the bus. I was in a rush myself, and wasn't sure whether the bus will fetch us back later from the immigration to the final stop (Beach Road). The American girl sitting next to us left her sweater and I took it with me all the way, chasing after her so that I can give it back to her. I carried it along the way, and passed it to her when I saw her. Ironically, I saved someone’s belonging and left mine instead. So much for believing in Karma. But I still do lah.

Assuming that my precious belonging will still be there, I kept it to myself in hopes that when the bus comes back to fetch us, my Travis will still be there. After an hour or so, the bus was still not there. It just never came!

That's when I finally decided to tell mum and of course prepared myself for the rain of sarcasm that will make this vacation worst; surprisingly and unusually, mummy was really calm. She wasn't pissed off or being provocative at all. She even asked me to use her phone to talk to sweets about it, so that I won’t be depressed the whole time and so that he won’t get worried of me not contacting him the whole day.

They even made a joke out of this whole thing.

Abang: Who do you think can join Amazing Race Asia among us?
Jessy: Jacqkie can lah, she independent and she simply ask people wan.
Abang: Yeahlah, hey imagine she'll reach there first,
*imitating the host's voice* Jacqkie you're the first to arrive, but we have to disqualify you, because you lost your passport, and IC, and handphones along the way. HAHAHAHHAHAH!
Me: .......... mummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mummy: It's true,
Me: .....

and of course this dumb non-blonde (who else), tried calling her sweetheart countlessly since she reached Singapore only to realize (after she reached Johor after the trip), that it was the wrong number all along. An Indian guy finally picked the call up and clarified that it was the wrong number all along and that he’s really not Daren, whether I believe him or not.

I bought a new phone, and am still using the old number, so people please message your contact details to me; I appreciate it very much as right now, sadly, I only have few known contacts in my phone including Digi's Helpline. I feel lost and useless, as I can’t wish everyone Christmas, sadder, I expect them to wish me first so that I can ask who they are. and then, wish them merry christmas. *sigh*

The fact that this elf house of ours is packed with ten adults, is a strange substitute of what I’d hope my Christmas would be. Christmas is different this year, but to have them people I love close to me (literally) is an amazing home-sickness medicated feeling, it’s sweet. I’ve been really physically tired nowadays, maximizing the time I have to spend with them. It really is okay, because they’re never here often. The best part of these would be; coming back to a house where it’s not empty, where you’re not lonely, and instead of the television’s sounds, it’s the sounds of your loved ones whimpering, bickering and of amusing each other. Wonderful.

Will stop here, and will let the pictures tell you abit of Singapore. I have tons of pictures but only chose certain ones that I find amusing to show it to you guys. Till then, have a beautiful Christmas, I’ll leave you yourself to define “beautiful” Christmas, and please message me your number. *giggles*

..a symbiotic relationship.
Orchard Road; the young blood was tired, the queen wasn't.
...more of Orchard Road.
One of the Christmas Decos, I'm still wondering, does Ballet = Christmas?
I find this cute, post letters box.
Ways we should try; to encourage people to litter INTO the bin. I think it's around Bras Basah Road.
Is it just me or does Bras Basah sounds funny?


eSTEFania said…
adeh to...sorry 4 ur lost... tkjut jga sia dngar...
eSTEFania said…
oh ya, i got it...
bras basah...
a lot of wet bra, muahahaha...
wait! mnatau btul?! ada ko investigate d origin of d nme ka?
cheer up darlin..!
Jacqkie! said…
estefania: yeah, sedih kan. anyway, yup it's lots of bra basah. hahahah.

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