I'm so excited!

Everytime I'm in the car with mummy, we would never miss this conversation:

Me: *singing to the music* You can stay under my umbrel..
Mummy: *switches channel*
Me: ....I'm singing to it.
Mummy: *..found Lite FM* Wohoo, this is more my music.
Me: But it's old.
Mummy: Which part of me looks young to you?
Me: .....
Mummy: It's my car, it's my petrol, and i'm paying for lunch later. So enjoy my music!
Me: But, meh*, It's weirdlah. Somehow all the birds can sing and all the guys want to cross over the valley just to see the girl. *sigh*
Mummy: *trying hard not to laugh* Hey, it's my car okayy!

However, right now, I'm so obsessed with Lite FM. I couldn't get enough of Lite FM. I used to think they play really slow music, only for those who've been in this world long enough to know all the music, and of course *makes yawning gesture*. I've succumb to Lite FM for pure relaxation and old memories. Although I admit sometimes I absolutely have no clue who those artists are, their exaggaration in lyrics and simple tunes, are dreamy and very soothing. Mummy must be very happy to know that I finally understood that some people are willing to cross over the valley for someone they love...Anyway!

Sorry for the previous emo posts, here are livelier things for you to ogle see. Went to The Curve again with the usual suspects, and watched Enchanted again (eh, dont judge me! I was doing it for my friends :D) and hung out with these best friends of mine.

Oh Kerry, *imitating Giselle's Ah-ah-ah-ah* okay, it may look retarded here, but you get what I mean. Hehehehehe.

The only caption needed: The girl at the right end where you can only see her hair, is Denise!

Have I reminded you that it's the Year End Sale now?

My house here is one of the smallest house in PJ. So my cousin bought this (I think about) 30cm tall Christmas Tree (even elfs' christmas trees are bigger wei). So everytime I see big Christmas trees I get so excited! This one's pretty. But I personally love, white Christmas trees.

Okay, that pretty girl on the right (Sway) wants to take picture with the frozen fella there (Snowman), but the fella is in this small gate and he's actually about few meters away from us, so without anyone's help, she took the picture trying to fit the fella in between us, and *voila!* she did it superbly! *giggling* It was actually freaking hillarious.

The two sweetest girls in my life: Audreeyh and De!

Check out the lovely Christmas Tree!

Sorrylah, but the camera was with us most of the time, so.... yea!

Kerry, this is actually a very good picture of you! *smiles widely and hopes not to be poke*

Omg, we actually stopped the lift to take this picture. Not for once or twice, but for almost 10minutes! ....and it's blurry for Goodness sake. *shakes head*

Mummy used to tell me not to get so excited about something before it even happens. "You could be very dissapointed with the outcome if you have so many expectations, or worse, that day just wouldn't come!" But this particular thing is so worth getting excited tooooo!

12 days to go for mummy and Jessy to come to KL! I'm so excited you have no idea. Was thinking of taking 2days leave, on the 21st and on the 24th- so that I'll have 6days off! I'm so freaking excited. The thing is, havent ask my Master about it. Darn, will do next week. Wish me luck in getting these two days off!



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The Soundaholic said…

SPAM comments I hate those!

Good luck getting your two days off! ;)

weehoo! I've missed you dearly babe!
Jacqkie! said…
cresce net: thanks, but I have no idea what the heck you just said, and darn how the heck did you spam get in here?!

beth: I miss you too, and sweets, and you still using The Soundaholic?

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