i want to sleep

It's 2.20AM.

...and I cant believe I voluntarily inserted the Trance/ Rave/ House CD in. I'm in desperate need to stay awake, I pray to God that this kind of music will help me.

It kinda did.

I have millions of work to do and I'm not even halfway there. The slavemaster will be around tomorrow after her holidays from Dubai, and I'm not so sure what will happen if I'm not done with my work by 9.30am this morning. I'll be a dead meat like them Char-Siews hanging behind those Chinese Stalls' glass windows. How the hell can I still be random at this time.

The mother and my number one fan (my sister), left for KK at 4 something yesterday. Having a number one fan like Jessy my sissy, can be unproductive sometimes. For each and every word that comes from my mouth is considered a joke or sarcasm. If any of you watched E!'s Diorrhhea video, you'll probably be very estranged to it as I was. Mummy got hooked on the infectious lyrics.

Mum: I have a bad case of Diorrhea!, I have a bad case of Diorrhea!
Jessy: Mummy!!!!!! *giggles*
Me: *whispering to Jessy* I dont think mummy will ever have that problem.
Jessy: *hit me real hard on the arm and laughed histerically while nodding*
Mum: *gave me the stern look* I can hear that.
Me: I know.

I will for sho' miss the Etiqa moments I was made to live these past few days.

"After a crazy meal, only one will prevail on being the first person to use the tiny-weeny-one-and-only toilet in the house!"- Abang.

Abang couldn't tahan living like this, he would complain and whine occasionally. Being the princess in the family (ironically), we'd have to give the most comfortable bed to him. Mum, Jessy and I would take turns sleeping on the floor or on this half century old bed that I actually think is decomposing as I'm writing this.

I need to get back to work. I need to drink lots and lots of coffees. I desperately need someone to abduct my slavemaster so that she wont be coming to work tomorrow. I need a time machine, so that I can stop time; waste it and use it and then use it for more evil purposes. I need Bob Marley's greatest hits (all hits). I need to bank-in my growing-webs cheques. I need to wrap sweet's x'mas gift and give it to him while it's still valid for the seasons.

Last but not least, I need to burn these paperworks once I'm done with internship and the school reports. Wish me luck on that. I'm thinking of open burning, with some magic spells to make it be gone from my low-bandwidth brain for the rest of my life.

If you must, try avoiding New Year's resolutions (which I failed every single year as there will be some random realization of things to change of myself usually few minutes before the countdown- retard). Oh, Have a good New Year's celebration and have a blessed, productive, fun-filled 2008 everyone.

Cheers and Love,


-[sweei]- said…
WOW, you sound really frust man! How much work and what work you have to do? i'm so curious...

*sighs* i so don't enjoy working life. *mimicks ms. redhead* "I dislike it INTENSELY!!"...lol

Oklaa, maybe not thatttt intense.

Anyways, have a happy new year, which i'm sure you started the new year happily. May we all learn from our mistakes we made last year and to appreciate the people around us more. <3
Jacqkie! said…
Sway: Some analysis and report. Two words: CRM and PR2. Gahhh! You have a good year too babe. *muax*

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