5 days to go!

It felt just yesterday that I was on my first day of my internship and now left 16 days till I’ll leave this place. The other end of this realization would be that college is starting soon as well. I’m not sure whether I’m thrilled for college as this will be the last semester of our diploma. Some of my friends will be leaving to other places and some may stopped from diploma and would start working immediately.

The point is, once a thing’s started (last semester), you’d definitely be a step closer to the end of having anymore classes together that you loved and hated those days of working together. Regardless, if it wasn’t because of my classmates, I would not have gotten the taste of what college really is and really loved it. And Daren would be the other reason of getting excited going to college of course with my hipocracy explained as I used to swore to myself to never "like" anyone from the same college. and then, he happened. Just like that, without warning.

Wednesday (Thursday 13th December 2007):

8.00 AM: Quiet and alone
Checking emails while browsing facebook. Checking yesterday’s work and start working on what needs to be done later.

10.10AM: Quiet, very cold with few colleagues around.
Checking emails while browsing facebook. Start calling customers for a research and start compiling feedback.

11.15AM: Still quiet, very very cold, and all colleagues are here now.
Checking emails while browsing facebook. Start calling custom…


Me: What the hell?! Should we go or something?!

10 seconds later, the coffee bar’s door opened.

“Sorry yah, testing saja tuh bell.”

Me: (jaw dropped) TESTING?!

It’s actually fine by me if the alarm bell was 50 meters away. Since it wasn’t and the fact that it’s actually right behind me, let’s just say; every bosses should do that once in a while. I was actually pretty awake after that.

If there’s anything I’d like to remember about internship it would definitely be the nice curry puffs and coffees I have for breakfast every morning. It’s a routine already and I so love it; it’s actually the other reason for me to go to work besides calling up wrong people and laughed by myself at all those wrong numbers that I called. I remembered there’s this one time where I was so not in the mood of talking to the guy on the other line;

Me: Good Afternoon, is this Edmund? *…and noticed a girl's voice*
Girl: Urm, no??
Me: *still noticing the girl's voice* So this is not Edmund lah?
Girl: ...er, no? I’m not an "Edmund".
Me: Oh, do you mind telling me where's Edmund?
Girl: I... DONT, KNOW!! Okay, I’ll give you another number for you to call okay???

Eventually the girl gave me her husband’s cell number. I felt like whacking myself but couldn’t because the whole thing was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway, how do I put this delicately; due to Malaysian’s “consistent and very predictable” weather and “stress” of doing “some” work, my skin’s unhappy- and yes I’m having skin complaint! And that’s a lot of inverted commas there I used. Remember the holidays that I’m dying to get approved by my (quote unquote Denise) “Slave- Master” on the 21st and 24th of December?


Well, I really-really wanted the 6days leave, mummy and Jessica are coming down and I wouldn’t want to miss any minute spending time with them. Well, what happened was…

I GOT THE 6 DAYS LEAVE! *evil laugh*

Mummy finally saw Sweets through Friendster and since you’re getting this first-hand too baby, mummy thinks you look young. I don’t really know what she meant but I have a feeling she’s indirectly saying that I look older. So if I look older, he’ll definitely look younger right? But then again, if he looks younger does that mean I look older than him or just old or maybe, he just looks younger than me? You know what, I’m confusing myself.

Still figuring out on how to go to Singapore/ Penang /Melaka at this eleventh hour, I've suggested mummy with *tadaa* TRAIN! I knew she would hate it since she's been traumatized by her previous experience of having to sit in the train for 10 hours and only to reach Singapore looking like crap, was not an option for her. Oh well, any suggestions everyone? Just so you know, one of the best thing about going vacation is not being able to touch your laptop. OMG. I love that feeling, laptops should really be avoided at this festive season!




The Soundaholic said…
oh my...

Jacqkie.. you are so psychic whenever it comes to me.


I will tell you about what when I have them time. I think I shall have to call you one of these days this is too freaky. *shivers some more*

And yayyy!!! You got your leave!!!

;) Awesome stuff. Well hope you have a good holiday, regards to your family and I missssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you loadsssssssss!!!!!

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