Penang was a last minute thing. Nevertheless, I had so much fun, especially because it was exactly after finals. I was in desperate need of a vacation and of course lots of Penang food. A part of me felt like poking my arm with the chopsticks for not having any of my Penang friends' numbers to bring me out, but the bigger part of me felt surprisingly proud of myself for touring the town with Rapid Penang- only!

Hey darn awesomelarh Rapid Penang. It’s like, no matter how much you want to get lost around town (not that I want toolarh) ; you can still see Rapid Penang buses every few seconds!

I really must compliment the Penang drivers too. They were giving me ways like I was some celebrity or even a walking ambulance, really. I'm scared of automobiles, I would usually wait for all the cars to move and when I realized the next car is about a million kilometer away from me- then I would walk! Thank you- you really patient generous Penang drivers!

We went to Penang Hill the first day, I think it was last century since I last visited Penang. The usual suspects and I decided to go Penang Hill and check out things from there. "Lucky us!" It was very cloudy (is the term cloudy or hazy?) that day and all we could see was other people taking picture of them-selves and, well each other. Quite sad larh.

I was only pissed off with one thing. The fact that I know nothing about the Bersih campaign when I was in Penang was very disturbing. Mainstream didn’t cover much (REALLY NOT MUCH) of that campaign, I felt clueless, when my other intern friend started talking about it.

..Find my tiny weeny cousins. Hahahahaa.
Darn syok walking around here okay.
I dont know why my cousin took this pic. I love the Gurney Food Center though! ...we were waiting for the bus. ...but the bus came late. Of course.
Please make sense of the club's name. Slippery senoritas! *wink*



The Soundaholic said…

Nice you enjoyed yourself!

Muah!Missing you loads!
Jon said…
so, when are you coming to Penang again? :P

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